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Webinar: Family Science and Human Development (PhD)

Due to the rapidly-evolving COVID-19 response, many events have been canceled but have not been updated on the calendar. Please contact the event organizer to verify that the event is still taking place before you attend.

November 13, 2019, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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The Ph.D in Family Science and Human Development is one of only 52 research-based programs in the nation and the only one in NJ.  Our students learn to use a social justice perspective to understand and help strengthen diverse individuals, families, and communities through research, policy, and prevention and education programming. Our faculty are nationally and internationally known and prepare students to specialize in one of four broad areas: Close Relationships, Marriage, and Family Interactions; and Diversity, Marginalization, & Resilience; Prevention, Developmental Systems Science, and Translational Science; Development Across the Lifespan/Life-course. The program offers a unique opportunity for those who seek to develop necessary expertise to assume faculty roles in higher education and leadership positions in community settings nationwide. 

Applicants come from a variety of professional backgrounds and bring considerable experience into the classroom.  This combines with the expertise of program faculty to provide an engaging, rigorous program of study. To learn more about our program, please join us for an upcoming General Information webinar that will be focused on providing general information about the program, including our mission and purpose, curriculum, student learning, funding, career options, and basic application requirements.

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