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Case Studies in Computing for Earth and Environmental Sciences

Shantenu Jha, Professor of Computer Engineering, Rutgers University and Chair, Center for Data Driven Discovery, Brookhaven National Laboratory, presents this week's seminar. Watch the seminar on Zoom.

About Dr. Jha

Shantenu Jha is the Chair of Computation & Data Driven Discovery Department at Brookhaven National Laboratory, and Professor of Computer Engineering at Rutgers University. His research interests are at the intersection of high-performance distributed computing and computational & data science. Shantenu leads the the RADICAL-Cybertools project which are a suite of middleware building blocks used to support large-scale science and engineering applications. He was appointed a Rutgers Chancellor's Scholar (2015) and was the recipient of the inaugural Chancellor's Excellence in Research (2016) for his cyberinfrastructure contributions to computational science. He is a recipient of the NSF CAREER Award (2013), the Gordon Bell Award (2020) and several other prizes at SC'xy and ISC’xy, as well as the winner of IEEE SCALE 2018.  More details can be found at:

About the Seminar

In this talk, we will provide a non-specialists introduction to high-performance computing (HPC) and discusshow HPC has been applied to several important areas of earth and environmental sciences. The casestudies include seismic tomography, the IPCC AR6, and scalable high-resolution image analysis. Examples of HPC middleware and hardware platforms available to the community will be discussed.