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Philosophy for Lunch - "What Is the Value of Community Service?"

January 27, 2022, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Location Dickson Hall - 178 (Cohen Lounge)
Community Service

 An obvious way to answer this question is to make the case that acts of community service are morally good. The purpose of this session is not to dispute this moral approach but to offer another way of thinking about the value of such volunteering. We will read and discuss passages by the philosopher Susan Wolf, who argues that volunteering can generate meaning in one's own life. Wolf argues that a good life has three dimensions: happiness, morality, and meaning. We will consider Wolf's theory of meaningfulness, and the claim that volunteering may contribute—not only to the moral dimension of a good life—but also to the dimension of meaning. 

• What is P4L?
Students, professors, and other philosophy enthusiasts close-read and discuss a few great passages of philosophy.
• Who's invited?
No preparation or previous knowledge of philosophy is needed. Everyone is welcome!

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