Hawk On Wheels Poker Ride

Participants are given a free Hawk On Wheels bicycle to use for the event. Ride to 5 stations located throughout campus and draw a playing card at each station. Build the best (or worst) poker hand and win a prize! This event is not timed, but more for the enjoyment of riding bikes across campus and increasing awareness of bicycle transportation. Participants may bring their own bike as well. A complete course can be ridden in approximately 30 minutes, or less. 

* For $4, you can buy additional score cards for increased chances to win.

* For $1 per card, you can trade in unwanted cards and try for that full house!

* Proceeds will be donated to Bike & Walk Montclair, a non-profit advocating for safe biking and walking, to foster an increased partnership between Montclair and the campus community.

Montclair State University is proud to serve as the backbone organization for Eat. Play. Live... Better, a community coalition of partners working to make healthy choices easier.  Both Montclair State University and Bike&Walk Montclair have been Eat. Play. Live... Better partners since 2010.

a logo for the Hawk On Wheels Poker ride Spring 2015 event landing page‌                       A logo for the Hawk On Wheels Poker Ride Spring 2015 event landing page

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