Trainer Bios

‌‌For the GroupX Instructor Bio Page‌‌ Seth-Elias DavisMajor - Exercise Science
Seth-Elias is a senior Exercise Science major with a minor in Nutrition and Paralegal Studies. He is TRX certified, CPR & AED certified, CPR & AED instructor certified, Real Ryder (Cycling) certified, Trigger point certified and an ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) Certified Personal Trainer. Seth has experience as a trainer for the past 5 years and over that time he has grown in technique and knowledge. From his background in Martial Arts and playing a few sports in high school, he's taken what he's learned and found a way to make training fun for all ages. One interesting fact about him is that he also has a Culinary Arts Degree. His favorite quote is, "I'd rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity”. 
A portrait photo for the Personal Trainer Page Jonathan GormanMajor - Athletic Training

Jonathan is a senior Athletic Training major at Montclair State University. He is CPR/AED certified, and has had his NASM personal training certification for four years. He is currently interning with the NY football Giants. He was a professional athlete in the sport speed skating and brings his dedication and passion to his clients. An interesting fact about Jonathan is that he is getting married in September 2017. His favorite quote is "The real workout starts when you want to stop". 

A portrait photo for the GroupX Instructor Bios page‌‌ Alexa GuidettiMajor - History

Alexa is a junior history major at Montclair State University with a minor in psychology. She is CPR/AED certified, AFFA Group X and Personal Training certified as well as Schwinn and Keiser Cycling certified. She has been a Group X instructor for two years and has been working in gyms for the past 5 years. Last year she attended the ACSM fitness conference in San Diego, California where she continued her fitness education. An interesting fact about Alexa is that every year she tries to participate in at least one Spartan Race, Mud Run, Polar Bear Plunge or Tank pull. Her favorite quotes are "Well done is better than well said" - Benjamin Franklin and "Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." - Arthur Ashe. 

A portrait of Courtney for trainer bio page Courtney KeatingMajor - Athletic Training
Courtney is a senior Athletic Training major at Montclair State University. She is a NASM(National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer and is also CPR/AED and First Aid Certified.  As she furthers her personal training experience, she plans to obtain more certifications or work towards specializations. Some interesting facts about Courtney are that she has a passion for photography, which started in high school. One of her photographs was put into an art show for teens and was chosen out of 700 pieces to tour Union County for a year. She also enjoys helping others and getting involved in events such as Relay for Life, Lupus Walks, and volunteering at Kenilworth's Fire Department Annual Carnival and even climbing 2,200 stairs at 9/11 Stair Climb to honor fallen firefighters. One of her favorite quotes is "You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore" - Christopher Columbus.
Dave Kleinberg Headshot‌‌ Dave KleinbergMajor - Physical Education and Health 
Dave is a senior Physical Education and Health major with a single certification in K-12 at Montclair State University. He is a NASM(National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer, sports performance enhancement specialist and is CPR/AED first aid certified through the Red Cross. He has experience as a personal trainer and a kickboxing instructor at Gold's Gym in Paramus for 2 years. He is looking forward to working with new people. Some interesting facts about him are that his own personal weight loss of 45 pounds as a high school junior got him interested in a healthy lifestyle and in becoming a personal trainer. He also runs a program that introduces adults with autism and cerebral palsy to exercise at Gold's Gym. His favorite inspiring quote is "What we do in life, echoes in eternity."
A portrait of Marina for the trainer bio page‌‌ Marina MontoMajor - Nutrition and Food Science 
Marina is a senior Nutrition and Food Science major with a concentration in Dietetics. She is ACE(American Council on Exercise) certified personal trainer and CPR/AED and first aid certified through American Red Cross. Marina has experience running high school cross-country for three years. This dedication inspired her to educate herself about fitness and a healthy lifestyle. She hopes to motivate others to better themselves and obtain their fitness goals. An interesting fact about Marina is that she is capable of communicating in Sign Language. Her favorite inspiring quote is "Fitness is not about being better than someone else, it's about being better than you used to be."
Caitlin Shanahan Headshot‌‌ Caitlin ShanahanMajor - Psychology

Caitlin is a Junior Psychology major with a minor in Cognitive Science and a second minor in Sociology at Montclair State University. Caitlin is CPR/AED first aid certified through the Red Cross, she is also the NIRSA NJ State Student Leader and is currently working on the NASM/AFAA certification.  She has been an active personal trainer for 2.5 years and has attended two fitness conferences, one in Orlando, Florida and the other in San Diego, California. Most of her weight loss clients so far have come back to thank her for helping them reach their goal. One client has said: “You have to fight through the bad days in order to earn the best days and because of you I didn’t give up. Thank you for believing in me”. She takes her client’s feedback very personally, and it has humbled her indefinitely.

For the GroupX Instructor Bio Page ‌‌ Jake SpenderMajor - Physical Education and Health
Jake is a senior Physical Education and Health major at Montclair State University. He is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, CPR/AED certified, AFAA GroupX Primary certified, and a certified lifeguard through the Red Cross. An interesting fact about Jake is that he participates in a yearly skydiving tradition with his friends from high school. A quote that he lives by is," Use yourself to improve yourself!", because he enjoys the benefits of bodyweight training and believes everyone should discover how empowering it is to have control over their own body.
Zack Sungkar Headshot‌‌ Zacky SungkarMajor - Marketing and Exercise Science
Zack is a Marketing and Exercise Science major at Montclair State University with a minor in psychology. He is a NASM(National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer and is CPR/AED first aid certified through the Red Cross. He writes "My main goal in life is to become the strongest version of myself in all aspects. The primary focus of my everyday life is to grow better than I was yesterday, and to spread motivation and inspiration to [people around me. I use my experience and knowledge to help people build healthy habits and overall better lifestyles. In doing so, I believe that I am ultimately fulfilling my goal in motivating and inspiring others to keep growing towards a better version of themselves." His favorite inspiring quote is "Growing stronger is about accumulating wisdom, learning from your mistakes, and inspiring others to become the strongest version of themselves." - Elliot Hulse