Person running on a treadmil

Fitness Assessments

The Fitness Assessment program will assess components of health-related physical fitness including: body composition, cardio-respiratory endurance, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance.

Your results will be compared with age and gender specific norms to create a fitness profile and individualized recommendations for exercise.

Assessment Methods

  • Cardio-respiratory endurance will be tested with the sub-maximal YMCA Bike test. It is performed on a cycle ergo meter for up to 12 minutes. Each minute your heart rate is recorded. Resistance may be increased during the test, depending on your individual response to the test. The test estimates your maximal oxygen uptake, which is the best indicator of your cardio-respiratory endurance.
  • Muscular strength will be measured by a “push-up” test.
  • Body composition will be determined by measuring skinfold thickness at three sites. The three sites for men are triceps, chest and sub-scapula (back). For women, the sites are triceps, suprailium (hip) and abdomen.
  • Flexibility of the hip and shoulder joints will be measured by a sit-and-reach test.
  • Muscular endurance will be measured by a one-minute “crunch” test.
  • Functional Movement Screen assesses seven basic movement patterns to identify tightness and weakness in the body and allows you and your personal trainer to work together to address those imbalances.