Critical Signs of Alcohol Poisoning

Get help immediately if a person is:

  • Having difficulty breathing: If the person is not breathing normally (slow or irregular breathes).
  • Vomiting: Try to keep the person sitting up. If you cannot, turn them onto their side. DO NOT roll them over on their back.
  • Having Seizures: Turn the person to their side and clear the area to protect the individual from injury.
  • Unconscious/Semiconscious: Try to wake the person up. If you can’t, turn them onto their side and call 911.
  • Pale or flushed or if their skin is cold and clammy.

What you can do to help someone:

  • Call 911 or University Police at 973-655-5222 IMMEDIATELY! Do not wait for all symptoms to be present.
  • Gently roll the person on their side to help prevent aspiration (choking) in case the person vomits. If possible, place a pillow on the small of the person's back to help maintain the position.
  • Stay with the person until medical help arrives. DO NOT leave the person alone.
  • If vomiting occurs, clear airways by sweeping vomited material out of their mouth.
  • DO NOT give the person a cold shower. This can send the person into shock.

Don't be afraid to seek out medical attention if someone you know has had too much to drink. Remember, it is important to get help immediately.
*This information is provided for informational/educational purposes only and should not substitute contacting a trained professional.