Create a Club

  1. Complete the Application and submit it to the Club Sports Office, 1105 in the Student Recreation Center.
  2. Compile a Club Roster, including name, class, MSU CWID, and email address. It is recommended that a club have at least 10 interested participants on this form; however, this number will vary depending on the nature of the sport.
  3. Provide information on any intercollegiate leagues or divisions (if applicable) that the club would participate in. Also provide information on the amount of practice time deemed necessary, as well as facility requirements to hold practices.
  4. Submit a Budgetof the club for the following year/semester as well as potential sources of income, such as donations, fundraising, sponsorship, or member dues.
  5. Draft a Constitution outlining the club's mission, goals, officer responsibilities, and policies behind club operation. At this time members should select the club's officers that will represent the club, and communicate with the Department of Campus Recreation.
  6. Schedule a meeting with the Coordinator of Intramural and Club Sports and the Area Supervisor of Club Sports to discuss the above, and other aspects of the club.

The Club Sports staff is available to assist in any aspect of this process as necessary. Feel free to contact the Club Sports office at (973) 655-3346 or at with any questions or concerns.