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Trip Planning Resources

If you are new to the area and looking for something to do with your friends on the weekend, Outdoor Adventure has a large selection of books, maps and years of experience to help you plan your own adventure. Drop by to see what’s available! If you have further questions feel free to set up an appointment by emailing us at


  • Adirondack Park
  • Appalachian Trail
  • Catskills
  • Delaware Water Gap
  • East Hudson
  • Harriman/Bear Mountain
  • Jenny Jump
  • Jersey Highlands
  • Kittatinny
  • North Jersey Trails
  • Palisades Interstate Park
  • Pyramid Mountain
  • Sterling Forest
  • West Hudson


  • 50 Hikes in New Jersey
  • Appalachian Trail Guide
  • High Peaks Trails
  • Rail-Trails PA, NJ, NY

Top 10 Hiking Destinations in New Jersey

Additional Online Resources