10th Anniversary logo featuring a red firework and the zero as the Student Recreation Center

10th Anniversary

The Department of Campus Recreation has celebrated the Student Recreation Center’s 10 years of Excellence. We would like to thank everyone who came out and enjoy the weekend of activities with us!


Festivities and events for all registered students and alumni included:

  • RecBoard meeting
  • SRC Open House (including “first glance” with photos, time capsule and more!)
  • Meet, greet and eat at the Alexus Steakhouse
  • Alumni-taught Group X classes
  • RecFestival
  • Intramural Sports
  • Family Swim
  • Hockey Game: MSU Club Hockey Alumni will play with Devils Alumni at Floyd Hall
  • Sit-down Reunion Buffet Dinner
  • … and so much more!



Rocky the Hawk, Susan Cole, Director Romanye, and Dr. Pennington cutting a cake together.

10 Year Celebration Kickoff

University President, Dr. Susan Cole, came to the Student Recreation Center in celebration of 10 years of success along with a cake cutting ceremony to kick off our week-long festivities.

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Three girls talking and dying their shirts.

Tie-Dye 2018

Students gets messy and creative by spending the day designing their own t-shirts and/or pillow case provided by the Student Recreation Center.

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2 girls holding up the numbers "1" and "0" made of balloons.

RecFestival 2018

Campus Recreation’s 10th Anniversary RecFestival celebration showcase the many different areas within the Student Recreation Center, as well as many other exciting offerings!

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A competitor squatting with two personal trainers waiting to assist at any time.

Bench Press and Squat Competition

Competitors test their skills to see who is worthy to be Montclair State’s strongest on campus.

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A picture of the Student, Staffs, and Alumni who came to Dinner all together between a number ballon of "1" and "0"

10th Anniversary Dinner

Campus Recreation’s alumni coming to enjoy dinner and to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

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Who Came?

Thank you for coming to our 10th anniversary celebration:

  • Aimee DeVito ’15 (BM, Special Events, Guest Relations, Main Office, RecBoard)
  • Alex Delgado ’17 (Facilities, Special Events, Marketing)
  • Alex Sperling (Pro Staff)
  • Alex Trace ’19 (Guest Relations, Main Office, Facilities, Special Events)
  • Alexa Guidetti ’19 (Facilities, Fitness, Guest Relations, Main Office)
  • Allison Giordano ’19 (Marketing, Guest Relations, Main Office, Building Manager, Facilities, Fitness, Special Events)
  • Alyssa Tenore ’18 (Marketing, Guest Relations, Main Office, Facilities)
  • Amanda Wood ’18 (Special Events, Building Manager, Facilities, Equipment Checkout, Fitness, Guest Relations, Main Office, RecBoard)
  • Andrew Rinaldi ’15 (Equipment Checkout, Guest Relations, Main Office)
  • Andrew Wiese ’13 (Marketing)
  • Anthony Jorgenson ’13 (Club Sports)
  • Ashley Garofalo ’11 (Building Manager, Intramural Sports, Payroll, RecBoard
  • Betsy Bosca ’13 (Aquatics)
  • Brian Johnston ’14 (Building Manager, Guest Relations, Main Office, Facilities)
  • Brooke Sherman Shalikar ’11 (Main Office)
    • Josh Shalikar
  • Caitlin Shanahan ’19 (Special Events, Fitness, Guest Relations, Main Office)
  • Carla Cunha ’16 (Marketing, Guest Relations, Equipment Checkout)
  • Carlos Ramirez ’11 (Facilities, Building Manager, Intramural Sports, RecBoard, Aquatics)
  • Caroline Garrone Baldanza ’07 (Pro Staff, Intramural Sports, Club Sports, RecBoard)
  • Cody Inglis (Pro Staff)
  • Corey Blafer ’13 (Intramural Sports, Facilities, Marketing)
  • Courtney Girvan ’13 (Building Manager, Marketing, Equipment Checkout, RecBoard)
  • Courtney Proctor-Bates (Pro-Staff)
  • Dan Erhardt ’10 (Club sports, Building Manager, Facilities, RecBoard)
    • Christina Koerner
  • Dann Truitt ’14 (Aquatics, Building Manager, Facilities, RecBoard)
  • Danison Fronda ‘ 16 (Special Events, Building Manager, RecBoard, Guest Relations, Facilities)
    • Joshua Tietz
  • Domenica Ahmuty ’15 (Guest Relations, Main Office, Payroll, RecBoard, Special Events, Building Manager)
  • Dominique Gleason Mandelberg ’13 (Group Fitness, Building Manager, Facilities)
  • Donald Smith ’14 (Aquatics)
  • Doug Gil Wood ’18 (Equipment Checkout, Marketing, Special Events, Guest Relations, Main Office, Facilities)
  • Ellen Chapin ’12 (Equipment Checkout, Building Manager, Main Office, Facilities)
  • Emily Donohue ’18 (Special Events, Aquatics, RecBoard)
  • Ester Lim ’16 (Club Sports, Building Manager, Main Office, Facilities)
  • Gio DePaula ’13 (Equipment Checkout, Marketing, Aquatics, Facilities)
  • Ginny Mohr (Pro Staff)
  • Hannah Lindeblad Wiese ’13 (Marketing, Building Manager, Facilities)
  • Hebert Logerie ’14 (Building Manager, Intramural Sports, Facilities, Equipment Checkout)
  • J’koi Hailstock ’09 (Building Manager, Facilities, Payroll)
  • James Burdash
  • Jared Utterback (Pro Staff)
  • Jason Lewis (Pro Staff)
  • Jeremy Barkin ’15 (Aquatics)
  • Jianna Hall ’15 (Marketing, Facilities, Guest Relations, Building Manager, Special Events, RecBoard)
  • Joe Stanley Kurp ’14 (Facilities, RecBoard)
  • Joey Cahill ’16 (Club Sports, Intramural Sports)
  • Josh Firestone ’13 (Building Manager, Facilities)
  • Judline Tumson ’11 (Facilities, Building Manager, Payroll)
  • Julissa Gonzalez ’16 (Building Manager, Facilities, Guest Relations, Main Office)
  • Keith Fonseca (Pro Staff)
  • Kellie Alicakos ’15 (Building Manager, Guest Relations, Main Office, Group X, Personal Training)
  • Kelly Hammer ’12 (Guest Relations, Main Office)
    • Kevin Bond
  • Kevin Boehler ’11 (Facilities, Building Manager)
  • Kyle Bianchi ’14 (Intramural Sports, Facilities)
  • Lauren Alger ’14 (Aquatics, Group X)
  • Lauren Gama ’14 (Aquatics)
  • Lauren Nagel ’18 (Facilities, Building Manager, Guest Relations, Main Office, Marketing, RecBoard)
  • Lauren Walicky ’13 (Equipment Checkout, Facilities, RecBoard)
    • James Burdash
  • Lisette Stanzione ’12 (Prostaff, Facilities, Building Manager, Intramural Sports, Guest Relations, Main Office, RecBoard)
  • Luke Muller ’15 (Intramural Sports)
  • Lyla Lenyo Crider ’11 (Intramural Sports, Building Manager, Payroll, RecBoard)
  • Maria Sdonas Ringer ’11 (Marketing)
    • Stuart Ringer
  • Marissa London ’18 (Aquatics)
  • Matthew Kane ’14 (Aquatics)
  • Matt Wells ’11 (Guest Relations, Facilities)
  • Meg Carrier ’12 (Building Manager, Guest Relations, Main Office)
    • Sam Stires
  • Neil Javed ’13 (Building Manager, Facilities)
  • Patrick Duffy ’10 (Intramural Sports, Guest Relations, Facilities, Aquatics)
  • Rebecca Bisdale ’15 (Building Manager, Guest Relations, Main Office)
  • Rob Martinez (Pro Staff)
  • Robert Price ’10 (Intramural Sports, Building Manager, Aquatics, Facilities)
  • Rolando Ramirez ’17 (Club Sports, Equipment Checkout, Facilities)
  • Rodolfo Solano ’19 (Marketing, Facilities)
  • Romayne Eaker-Kelly (Pro Staff)
  • Ryan Fisher ’13 (Building Manager, Special Events, Equipment Checkout, Guest Relations, RecBoard)
  • Ryan Ruggiero ’17 (Equipment Checkout, Building Manager, Club Sports, Facilities)
  • Shannon Buruchian ’15 (Aquatics, Group X)
  • Shannon Centrelli ’12 (Fitness)
  • Stephanie Woram ’19 (Guest Relations, Main Office, Fitness)
  • Stephen Blazejewski ’17 (Aquatics, RecBoard)
  • Tzu-Lin Toner (Pro Staff)


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Schedule of Events

Download the 10th Anniversary Schedule PDF schedule of events.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Time Event Location
2:30 p.m. RecBoard meeting Student Recreation Center
4 p.m. Hotel check-in Holiday Inn, Totowa
4-6 p.m. Check in for the SRC Open House Student Recreation Center
5-7 p.m. SRC Open House/Open swim for families Student Recreation Center Pool
7:30 p.m. Alexus Steak House “wear your Campus Rec apparel!” 955 Valley Road, Clifton

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Time Event Location
8-10 a.m. Check in and breakfast for registered guests  Student Recreation Center
8 a.m. Group X Class #1 Student Recreation Center Multipurpose Room
8:30 a.m. Group X Class #2 Student Recreation Center Multipurpose Room
9 a.m. Coffee & Conversation Student Recreation Center
11 a.m. – 2 p.m. RecFestival/Campus Tours Student Recreation Center
12:15 p.m. Barbell Strength Group X Class by Alumna Shannon Centrelli Student Recreation Center Multipurpose Room
2:30 p.m. MSU Club Hockey alumni vs. Devils alumni Hockey Charity Game
(All proceeds benefit the Red Hawk Pantry)
Floyd Hall Arena
6:30 p.m. Check in for the Buffet Dinner Student Recreation Center
6:30 p.m. Childcare opens at SRC Student Recreation Center Multipurpose Room
7-10 p.m. 10th Anniversary Alumni Dinner and Celebration Student Recreation Center Gym

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Time Event Location
8 a.m. – 12 a.m. SRC open for use Student Recreation Center