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What is RecBoard:

RecBoard strives to be a fun, engaging, and diverse student organization by providing our members with a safe, inclusive environment. We enhance the student experience by offering opportunities for individuals to create new friendships, grow personally, develop leadership skills, and serve our community.

What makes us different?

  • Meetings are informal, are never boring, and are always full of energy, candy, and prizes.
  • We always do it BIG (Red Hawk Run Color Blast, Is the Price Right, Special Friends Day, Bingo, and much more!)
  • Each Special Event attracts anywhere from 150-400 students from across the campus community.
  • We offer various leadership and resume-building opportunities throughout the year for students looking to become more involved in campus life.
  • We play on several Intramural sports teams throughout the year.
  • We offer a wide variety of Community Service opportunities (Special Friends Day, participating and fundraising for charity walks, canned food collections, blanket-making).
  • We plan monthly off-campus outings to Applebee’s, go pumpkin picking in the fall, venture into NYC to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree and more!

Recent Events

Recboard picture with Check for  Food Pantry

RecBoard presented a check to the Montclair State University's Red Hawk Pantry on May 10, 2017. Each year, RecBoard establishes their fundraising beneficiaries and this spring semester they chose to raise money for the University Food Pantry. At every Friday afternoon meeting and during all the spring events, RecBoard raised funds for the pantry. Enthusiastic students willingly contributed to RecBoard's efforts. The largest sum of money came from RecBoard's final event of the Spring Semester "The Red Hawk Run Color Blast." Donating a total of $1,210.00 to the Red Hawk Pantry. It is one of the largest donations to the University Food Pantry by a student organization.  RecBoard feels that it was important to give back to the students in need on campus and are very proud of the results of their efforts!


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Emily Schladebeck (President):

How long I’ve been with RecBoard: This is my fourth year as a RecBoard Member! I was a general member for two years, the Special Events Chair on the Executive Board last year, and now I am happily the President!

Why I joined: I joined RecBoard to become a part of a community. RecBoard is an amazing organization that welcomes new members with open arms and stays loyal to older members. I wanted to join the Executive Board so I could help maintain the positivity that RecBoard has shown in prior years.

Favorite Memory:  In the Spring of 2015, I was on the committee for one of our largest events, Is the Price Right. That was the first event I had helped in planning, and I learned how hard work pays off. Seeing 400 students on their feet, cheering for some of our amazing prizes, is extremely rewarding.

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Toni Jassel (Vice President):

How long I’ve been with RecBoard: This is my third year with RecBoard, and my second year serving on the Executive Board!

Why I joined: I am very passionate about the importance of networking and getting involved. RecBoard has provided me with countless opportunities to serve my fellow students on campus, and I am extremely grateful for that. The sense of community within this organization is unlike any other, and in my two years with RecBoard, I have made memories that will last a life time.

Favorite Memory: Coordinating Special Friends Day was most certainly the most rewarding part of my RecBoard journey thus far. The experience was life changing to say the least!


Lauren headshot Recboard 2017-18

Lauren Nagel (Special Events Chair):

How long I’ve been with RecBoard: I have been a part of RecBoard for one year now but this is my first year on E-Board.

Why I joined: I joined RecBoard to get more involved in the opportunities the organization had to offer with community service and events on campus.

Favorite Memory: My favorite memory of RecBoard would be working with the Special Friends Day Committee to host over 100 special needs students in the Recreation Center for a day of fun activities. It is a very rewarding opportunity to be a part of.


Linda headshot 2017-18

Linda Mozdzen (Special Events Chair):

How long I’ve been with RecBoard: I have been with RecBoard for two years. I first stumbled upon RecBoard as a sophomore looking to get more involved on campus. Last year, I was a general member and part of several event committees This year, I am thrilled to serve on the Executive Board as one of the Special Events Chairs.

Why I joined: After the rush of freshman year died down, I found myself in a rut wanting to get more involved on campus. I had been to many events at the Rec Center but never realized all the work that went into producing those events, until I joined RecBoard. The people I met and the dedicated yet fun atmosphere they created really made me want to be a part of this organization.

Favorite Memory: My favorite memory from RecBoard is actually the first RecBoard meeting I ever attended. All the officers at the time came over and introduced themselves to me. I immediately felt comfortable and welcome. I haven't left since!?

Valerie Recboard headshot 2017-18

Valerie Jaretsky (Marketing Chair):

How long I’ve been with RecBoard: I’ve joined as an excited, but nervous freshman in the fall of 2015, and now I am going into my third year involved with Recboard -- my first as an eBoard member! (I’m the one behind all the social media, shh!)

Why I joined: Recboard was the place to be during my freshman year because of a previous eBoard member who was an RA on my floor. I was interested in joining some clubs, of course, and Recboard just had so many activities, trips, and candy to offer! A group of my floormates and I were very eager to be part of such a fun and welcoming group every Friday. Now, here I am! I hope I can contribute to fostering the same friendly force that brought me two years ago for some new members this year!

Favorite Memory: One of my favorite memories these past two years has been the 9/11 Day of Service. Although it has been early in the morning, it was extremely rewarding in the end -- especially being surrounded by so many campus organizations, all there for the same reason. It’s wonderful to know you’re really making a difference while also developing friendships at the same time!


Andrew G Recboard page headshot 2017-18

Andrew Gluckman (Membership Chair):

How long I’ve been with RecBoard: This will be my second full year with RecBoard and my first full year as a member of Eboard. When I first started with Recboard I was a sophomore here at Montclair. The reason why I got so involved with this great organization was through my employment at the rec. In the spring semester last year, I truly can say that RecBoard helped me have fun, get involved and make a difference in the campus community.

Why I joined: The reason why I joined RecBoard was because I knew it would be very interesting and fun to be a part of.  Unfortunately, during the fall semester of my sophomore year, I was not able to be as active because I was working at the Rec Center as a Facilities Attendant. I also joined because it was a very welcoming and friendly environment. Since everyone one was so nice and respectful towards me, it truly felt like another family.

Favorite Memory: My favorite memory was at my very first meeting when I won this very nice camera that is used for my phone. It was such a great way to start off RecBoard for me. I also really enjoyed meeting new people and making great friends that to this day are still very close to me.

Ivy Headshot recboard 2017-18

Ivy Dimaculangan (Community Outreach Chair):

How long I’ve been with RecBoard: I have been an active member of RecBoard since Spring 2016. I was a general member for two years. This year, I will serve on the executive board of RecBoard as Community Outreach Chair.

Why I joined: I joined RecBoard because, right from the start, I was accepted and welcomed with open arms. I had originally thought that since I decided to be a commuter my involvement on campus with clubs and org's would be limited. But, I was mistaken. The personalities and openness of the people of RecBoard changed my outlook on what my college experience could potentially be. It resonates with me to do the same for others, especially for those commuters out there who share my experiences and are finding a place on campus to call their home away from home.

Favorite Memory: The 2017 Red Hawk Color Run is definitely my favorite RecBoard memory. It was the first time I’ve worked on one of the many big events that RecBoard hosts. Watching concepts come to fruition and become large events on campus was fascinating and rewarding. Overall, everyone had a great time, winning prizes, being in great company with friends, and celebrating what RecBoard has to offer.




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