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Earth Day 2020

5 Sustainable Tips During Social Distancing

  • 1. Limit Food Waste
  • Limit food waste by planning your meals and learning new cooking skills!
  • “Sell by” or “Use by” dates do not always mean food is bad immediately on that date. Open and check your food to see the actual condition it’s in.
  • Start that backyard composting bin or research to see if your local community offers food waste drop-offs!

2. Reuse

  • Reuse plastic bottles or glass containers for an art project or for holding miscellaneous objects that might just be laying around!
  • Ditch plastic water bottles, plastic straw and utensils and grab reusable.

3. Spend Time with No Electronics

  • Putting your phone down to read, clean, exercise or start a new hobby can help relax your mind and help the planet by not consuming as much energy!

4. Alternative Transportation

  • Now is the perfect time to spend time walking outside or riding a bike to find new routes to your local grocery store!
  • With social distancing and less driving, New Jersey is already seeing improvements in its air pollution.

5. Shop Secondhand

  • Not only has thrifting been a huge fashion trend, but it’s great for the environment. Clothes take tons of energy to make their way all the way to your closet, so shopping second hand saves energy and is an easy way to save money.
  • Visit online thrifting sites to practice social distancing while shopping!