Outstanding Student Employee Award Recipients

2017 Outstanding Student Employee Awards Recipients

Congratulations to the thirty-five Student Employee Award recipients listed below for performing outstanding work for Montclair State University. Your work has been recognized by your peers and supervisors as exemplary. We, therefore, award you for your great service to our staff and our university.

Furthermore, you are invited to attend the Outstanding Student Employee Awards reception on Tuesday, April 25th at 4pm in the Student Center Dining Room.

  •     The thirty-five award recipients will receive a $50 gift card to the MSU bookstore.
  •     All nominees will receive a certificate of recognition, which notes their name and nominating department.
  •     Supervisors, student employees and their families are encouraged to attend.
  •     Light refreshments will be served.


Ariadni Aguilar

Financial Aid

April Kelly

Earth and Environmental Studies

Elena Plumser

Assistant Dean’s Office & Office of Student Services, College of the Arts

Tylisha Allen

ID Card Office/Auxiliary Services

Jacqueline Kosoff

Career Services, College of the Arts

Rolando Ramirez

Campus Recreation

Tahzjaa Burry


Damali Lancaster

Student Academic Services

Kelsea Rowan

Center for Writing


Bailey Capra

Campus Recreation

Sejal Makadia

Campus Recreation

Ryan Ruggiero

Campus Recreation (Student Development and

Campus Life)

Muhammad Cheema

Online Programs and

Extended Learning

Shylah Maurer

Student Academic Services

Linda Salazar

CEHS Dean’s Office

Matthew Collum

Campus Recreation

Deirdre McDermott

Academic Success Center

Kim Seventko

Library - Access Services

Marta Crespo

CEHS Dean’s Office

Matthew McGowan

Information Technology

Sierra Singerline

Library - Access Services

Ashley Dett

Campus Recreation

Paul Mortier

Multimedia Resources

Diana Skoblar

Sprague Library (Acquisitions Department)

Ashly Espinoza

Inserra Chair/Spanish and Italian

Chinweude Okani

Health Careers Program, Academic Advisor/Counselor

John Stauffer


Yasmin German

Center of Pedagogy/MSUNER

Ernest Anthony Pereira


Kristen Ann Uri

CSAM Dean’s Office

Alyssa Greenwald


Ricardo Perez

Information Technology

Victoria Woods

Campus Recreation

Brianna Horvath

Office of the Provost/VPAA

Amber Pistone

Art and Design