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Choosing a Major

When choosing a major it's important to explore the subjects that intrigue you and hold your interest.  Think about what you'd like to learn just for fun.  You will be spending a lot of time working in your major, so your choice is important! 

  • Start by taking the Holland Code Quiz to match your interests, skills and work personality traits to occupations.  Scroll to the bottom of the results page and click on your Holland Codes in the yellow box to view more occupations.
  • Use your results to explore the programs of study available at Montclair State.  Enter a major or occupational interest in the University's search tool to view relevant degrees, programs and coursework.  Not sure what you want to explore? No problem! Let the randomizer suggest a few options!
  • Make an appointment with the Director of Career Development to talk through your interests and how they align with programs of study and career outcomes.

Link Majors to Careers

The LinkedIn Alumni Tool

 Explore what alumni are doing with their degrees

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What can I do with this major?

Learn about common career areas, typical employers, strategies to maximize career opportunities and much more!

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What can I do with a major in...?

From the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, research possible careers related to a list of majors.



Search for employers that are revelant to specific majors.

Career Communities

From the University of Delaware, link to occupations, industry specific job/internship resources and more!


Federal Job Search

Search federal/government occupations by college major.