How would you like to have an e-portfolio?

New features have been added to our OptimalResume product line which now give you the opportunity to show off your best work from the web, available 24/7 to potential employers, at the click of an url you will be able to email. Your website will include any documents you create via Optimal, such as your resume, cover letter and portfolio.

Portfolio Builder makes it easy to upload professional documents into an attractive portfolio that can be viewed as part of the professional website you create with the Website Builder. An online portfolio provides evidence of your skills and accomplishments and helps the viewer get a better understanding of your professional qualifications.

There are two different kinds of portfolios from which to choose: File Cabinet or Slide Show

A File Cabinet is a library of professional documents and can include items such as writing samples, essays, transcripts, or other work that demonstrates your skills or accomplishments. File Cabinets can accommodate a variety of different file types, including .DOC, .XLS, .PDF, .ZIP, .JPG, .TXT, .WAV, and more, and you can provide descriptions and viewing requirements for each file. As an option, you can link to web-based files in your File Cabinet as well.

Slide Shows are specifically designed to store images and are the recommended portfolio type for highly visual portfolios.

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