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You have reached an archived version of the University Catalog. For the most current information please go to:

The Undergraduate Catalog provides information related to Montclair State’s curricula. The Undergraduate Degree Requirements and the Majors and Academic Program requirements in this catalog are effective fall 2008.

It also includes descriptions of the Colleges/Schools, departments and programs. This interactive website not only provides links to the Student Handbook and the Course Catalog for current course titles, descriptions, number of semester hours and prerequisites, but also provides links to non-academic information. Additional information may also be available from various college/school, department, institute and centers, or administrative units websites.

Montclair State reserves the right to change any of its policies, regulations or requirements at any time without notice or obligation.

All students should seek academic advisement each semester. Students with a declared major receive their academic advising from their major department advisor. Freshmen students who have not declared a major receive their academic advising from their New Student Experience advisor in Morehead Hall, Room 100. Students who have not declared a major beyond their freshman year receive their academic advising from the Center for Academic Advising and Adult Learning in Morehead Hall, Room 132. Students admitted into special programs, such as the Equal Opportunity Fund Program, the Health Careers Program and the Honors Program are assigned advisors within their specific area.

Academic advisors and department faculty advisors provide students with assistance in developing an academic program of study, choosing courses consistent with this program as well as discussing career options.

MSU e-mail accounts serve as the primary point of contact for correspondence with the University. Because of this, students are strongly encouraged to check this e-mail system often for notices from the University that may affect them. Students are responsible for keeping current by reading their University e-mail, visiting the respective University websites, and obtaining academic advisement.