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Undergraduate Degree Requirements

A minimum of 120 semester hours of coursework is required for the baccalaureate degree with a minimum of 2.000 GPA. However, more than 120 semester hours may be required depending upon the major field of study. Some majors have minimum GPA requirements higher than a 2.000. Specific requirements depend on date of entry or date of major declaration and vary from major to major. Students are advised to review the particular requirements for a bachelor's degree in their programs with their faculty advisors or academic advisors.

Undergraduate Degree Requirements
Most degree programs require the following distribution of courses:
General Education 57 Semester Hours
Major Courses 32+ Semester Hours
Electives 12+ Semester Hours
Major Field 33 - 82 Semester Hours
Minor or Concentration 18+ Semester Hours
Total 120 Semester Hours
World Languages and Cultures Requirement (6-9 Semester Hours)
University Writing Requirement (designated course within the major)