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Administration & Faculty

University Advancement

  • JOHN T. SHANNON JR, J.D., Vice President
  • CAROL BLAZEJOWSKI, B.S., Associate Vice President
  • JANE BOYLE, B.A., Associate Vice President
  • TAMMIE DILLOW, B.S., Administrative Assistant

Advancement Services

  • JEANETTE HANLEIN, B.S., Director
  • JENNIFER HIGGINS, M.A., Research Analyst
  • BONITA KATES, B.A., Stewardship Coordinator
  • KAREN RAMSDEN, M.P.A., Research Analyst
  • ANA SANCHEZ, M.A., Coordinator of Donor/Prospect Records

Alumni and Community Relations

  • JEANNE MORANO, M.A., Executive Director
  • DEBORAH CORASIO, Assistant Director
  • JOHN MORYTKO, M.A., Assistant Director
  • JENNA PERAINO, M.A., Program Assistant
  • KARA ROMANSKI, M.A., Communications Specialist
  • KRISTIN SHACKIL, B.A., Program Assistant


  • MARK HEIMERDINGER, M.Phil., Grant Writer
  • BARBARA KRUSKO, B.A., Director of Annual Giving
  • JUDITH LINDER, B.A., Development Officer for Major and Planned Gifts
  • NANCY MASTERSON-NEWKIRK, M.I.A., Development Communications Coordinator, Grant Writer
  • ANGELO PEZZINO, B.A., Telefund Manager
  • MYRTIS YAKE, M.S.W., Development Officer for Major Gifts

Montclair State University Foundation

  • ANA M. GOMEZ, B.A., Director of Foundation Administrative Services
  • ZACHARY S. KAADO, B.S., Assistant Business Analyst
  • WILLIAM LESCHUK, B.S., Foundation Accountant
  • JANET MULLIN, Foundation Assistant
  • JOSEPHINE RAMUNDO, Foundation Assistant
  • JANICE WILLIAMS, M.P.A., Scholarship Assistan

University Communications

  • PAULA MALIANDI, B.A., Executive Director of Communications
  • CLAUDIA BOGRIS, M.A., Director of Marketing and Graphic Design
  • ANN GEL FAIRLIE, B.A., Director of Graphic Design
  • ROBERT F. GANO, M.A., Editorial Manager
  • CINDY L. MENEGHIN, B.A., Director of Web Services
  • MEAGHAN MORIN, B.A., Communications Assistant
  • ANDREA PAWLYNA, M.S., Staff Writer
  • MICHAEL PETERS, A.A.S., Directory of Photography and Video Services
  • MATTHEW T. PIERCE, B.S., Web Applications Developer
  • DIANE REED, B.A., Director of Media Relations
  • GARRY RIDEOUT, B.A., Director of Production Services
  • SAMATHA SPITALETTA, B.A., Graphic Designer
  • ALEXANDRA THELIN, M.A., Web Assistant
  • STEPHANIE WHITEHOUSE, A.A.S. Graphic Designer

University and Community Relations

  • JULIE M. ADAMS, B.A., Executive Director
  • JENNY MUNDELL, M.A., Associate Director
  • DIANA ST. LIFER, B.A., Community Relations Specialist