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Administration & Faculty

Student Development and Campus Life

  • KAREN L. PENNINGTON, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Development & Campus Life
  • LOUIS ANDERSON, M.A., Executive Assistant to the Vice President
  • KATHLEEN E. RAGAN, M.A., Associate Vice President for Division Administration
  • BRYAN J. TERRY, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management


  • LISA KASPER, M.A., Director
  • TBA, Senior Associate Director
  • JIMMY LUCIANO, M.P.A., Assistant Director
  • JAMES J. DAVISON, B.A., Strategy and Technology Analyst
  • TBA, Assistant Director of Admissions for Communications & Marketing
  • JULIANNE HILE, B.A., Admissions Counselor
  • CHARLES MILLER, M.A., Director of Transfer Recruitment and Outreach
  • BETSEY MONTANEZ, B.A., Admissions Counselor
  • BRYAN MOSCHEL, B.A., Assistant Director of Admissions for Recruitment and Outreach
  • MARY MURPHY, B.A., Manager of Pre-Enrollment Services
  • ERIN SAMPLES, B.S., Admissions Counselor
  • NADIA SHEIKH, M.A., Admissions Counselor
  • FRED L. STOLARSKI, B.S., Visit Experience Coordinator

Auxiliary Services

  • ANDREW PIGNATARO, B.S., Director
  • JAMES ROBINSON, B.S., Liaison of Dining Services
  • JOSEPH RODAK, Manager of Campus Card Services
  • CLEMENTINE STEVENSON, Auxiliary Services/Customer Service Representative
  • CARLOS ESPINOZA, ID Card Office/Customer Service Representative

Campus Recreation and Intramural Program

  • VIRGINIA MOHR, B.A., Associate Director
  • SCOTT CORTESE, M.B.A., Program Assistant
  • JOSEPH KACZOROWSKI, B.A., Program Assistant/Evening Supervisor
  • ALEXANDER SPERLING, M.S., Coordinator of Aquatics and Summer Programs
  • THOMAS LEONARD, B.A., Coordinator of Maintenance and Fitness Equipment
  • CAROLYN GARRONE, M.S., Coordinator of Intramural and Club Sports
  • MARIE CASCARANO, Ph.D., Coordinator of Health Promotion
  • KELLY O'CONNOR, M.A., Evening Supervisor

Center for Advising and Student Transitions

  • MICHELE CAMPAGNA, Ed.D. Executive Director
  • ARTHUR ESPOSITO, M.A., Associate Director Advising
  • LINDSAY MORLOCK, M.Ed., Associate Director of Freshman and Sophomore Programs
  • NICOLE WEIR, Assistant Director
  • KATHLEEN SADOWSKY, M.Ed., Academic Advisor
  • MATTHEW CALVERT, M.S., Coordinator of Orientation Programs
  • JASON PELOSI, M.Ed., Academic Advisor
  • TEMESHIA RUFUS, M.Ed., Academic Advisor
  • FRANKLIN JOHNSON, Program Assistant
  • AMANDA CARCIONE, M.S., Academic Advisor
  • SABRINA L. MATHUES, M.Ed., Academic Advisor
  • ANDRE PHILIPPE WHITE, M.S., Academic Advisor
  • YOSAYRA EUSEBIO, M.Ed., First Year Counselor
  • DENISE RODAK, M.A., Coordinator of Veteram and Military Resources

Center for Academic Development and Assessment

  • JAMAL A. SHAHIN, B.A., Administrative Assistant
  • PEGGY ANN THOMPSON, B.A., Program Assistant

Center for Student Involvement

  • FATIMA deCARVALHO, M.S., Assistant Dean for Student Life/Director
  • TBA, Associate Director
  • JULIE FLEMING, M.A., Assistant Director
  • JILLIAN PLOSKONKA, B.A., Program Coordinator, Campus Connections & Student Leadership Programs
  • TBA, Program Coordinator, LGBT Center
  • KEYA BURKS, M.P.A, Program Coordinator, Commuter Programs and Services
  • STEPHANIE WRIGHT, M.A., Leadership Coordinator for Fraternities and Sororities

Counseling and Psychological Services

  • CHRISTOPHER DROST, Ph.D. Associate Director
  • KRISTINE DE JESUS, Psy.D., Psychologist
  • NANCY FRIEDMAN, Psy.D., Psychologis
  • JENNIFER VOGEL-DAVIS, Psy.D., Psychologist
  • SUDHA WADHWANI, Psy.D., Psychologist
  • SUSAN WALKER, Ph.D., Psychologist
  • DEIRDRE NARCISSE, Psy.D. Psychologist
  • BINDI SHAH, D.O., Psychiatrist
  • LISA WEINBERG, Ph.D., Psychologist
  • LISA WESTREICH, L.C.S.W., Case Manager

Dean of Students

  • ROSE MARY HOWELL, Ed.D., Dean of Students
  • MARGAREE COLEMAN-CARTER, M.A., Associate Dean for Student Life
  • TBA, Associate Dean of Students
  • JERRY COLLINS, M.Ed., Director of Student Conduct

Disability Resource Center

  • LINDA SMITH, M.S. Ed., Director
  • MARIE TIZON, M.A., Disability Services Specialist

Educational Opportunity Fund Program

  • DANIEL JEAN, Ed.D., Executive Director of Educational Opportunity Fund and Academic Development
  • BERTHA M. DIGGS, M.A., Associate Director
  • CARMEN REYES-CUEVAS, M.A., Assistant Director
  • DELORES McMORRIN, J.D., Counselor, Coordinator, Legal Studies
  • MELISSA PECORA, M.A., Counselor, Academic Advisor
  • DORIS V. REAVIS, M.A., Counselor, Academic Advisor
  • MARIA DE LOURDES TORRES, M.A., M.P.H., Counselor, Academic Advisor
  • LORRAINE WHITAKER, M.A., Counselor, Academic Advisor
  • BARBARA TURNER, M.B.A., Counselor, Academic Advisor
  • REGGIE WALKER, M.A., Counselor, Academic Advisor

Equity and Diversity Programs/Women's Center

  • ESMILDA ABREU, M.S., Director

Financial Aid

  • JAMES T. ANDERSON, M.S., Director
  • DEEPAK MUNJAL, B.S., Associate Director
  • LUCILA CANDAL-FERNANDEZ, M.A., Associate Director
  • CATHERINE BOSCHER-MURPHY, M.A., Assistant Director
  • KELLEN SMITH, B.A., Assistant Director
  • SUSAN DULANEY, M.A., Financial Aid Counselor
  • IFEYINWA OKOBI, B.A., Financial Aid Counselor
  • LESLIE Z. SAMUELS, B.A., Financial Aid Counselor
  • NEHA DARJI, B.A., Financial Aid Counselor
  • STANLEY FILS, B.A., Financial Aid Counselor

Intercollegiate Athletics

  • HOLLY GERA, M.S., Director
  • ROBERT CHESNEY, M.A., Associate Director
  • ANITA KUBICKA, M.S., Assistant Director/Head Softball Coach
  • MICHAEL J. SCALA, B.A., Director, Sports Information
  • STEPHANIE SABALIAUSKAS, M.A., Assistant Director, Sports Information
  • CYNTHIA DORMANN, B.A., Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • CHRISTOPHER KIVLEN, B.S., Head Coach, Men's Lacrosse/Red Hawk Pride Coordinator
  • EDUARDO STAWINSKI, M.Ed., Head Volleyball Coach/Operations Assistant
  • JOHN DAVIS, M.S., Head Athletic Trainer
  • TED FIORE, M.A., Head Coach, Men's Basketball
  • ENRICO GIANCOLA, B.A., Head Coach, Football
  • BETH GOTTUNG, M.A., Head Coach, Field Hockey/Academic Advisor
  • KELSEY WITHROW, B.A., Program Assistant for Compliance
  • PATRICK NAUGHTER, M.A., Head Coach, Women's Soccer/Operations Assistant
  • KARIN HARVEY, M.S., Head Coach, Women's Basketball/Housing Liaison
  • PORSCHA DOBSON, B.A., Head Coach, Women's Track and Field
  • TBA., Head Coach, Men's Track and Field
  • BRIAN McLAUGHLIN, M.Ed., Head Coach, Swimming/Facility Coordinator
  • JOSEPH MULVANEY, B.S., Camp Coordinator/Coach Red Hawk Swim Club
  • RICHARD O'CONNOR, M.A., Assistant Coach, Football
  • NICOL PARCELLUZZI, B.S., Head Coach, Women's Lacrosse/Facility Scheduling Coordinator
  • TARA NICHOLS RIENECKER, M.Ed., Academic Advisor for Athletics
  • JOSEPH SAVOIA, M.S., Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • NORMAN SCHOENIG, B.S., Head Coach, Baseball
  • TODD TUMELY, B.S., Head Coach, Men's Soccer
  • TROY SESSOMS, B.S., Equipment Manager

Residential Education and Services

  • DOMINIC PETRUZZELLI, M.S., Executive Director
  • JEANINE STROH, M.A., Associate Director of Housing
  • MARIO RAPETTI, M.A., Associate Director of Residential Education
  • THERESA GIARDINO, B.A., Assistant Director of Facilities
  • KEVIN SCHAFER, M.A., Assistant Director of Housing Assignments
  • CORI CARFAGNO, M.S., Assistant Director of Residential Education
  • TARA MELLOR, M.A., Assistant Director of Residential Education
  • MALINI SOM, M.A., Housing Services Coordinator
  • RENEE GRANT, M.A., Housing Assignments Coordinator
  • LESLIE FRISCHBERG, M.A., Dinallo Heights Community Director
  • NATE PARSELL, M.A., Machuga Heights Community Director
  • DONNA-LEE MAHABEER, M.A., Bohn Hall Community Director
  • LORI ANN TROISE, M.A., Sinatra Hall Community Director
  • THEA DYER, M.Ed., Hawk Crossings Community Director
  • ANTHONY GINEXI, M.A., The Village Community Director
  • MARICIA HUGHES, M.A., Freeman/Russ Community Director
  • VAUGHN MCENOUGH, B.S., Bohn Hall Assistant Community Director
  • SADE RANDALL, B.A., The Village Assistant Community Director
  • ANDREW LIGNELLI, B.A., The Heights Assistant Community Director
  • GRACE JABLON, B.A., Technical Project Specialist
  • CLAIRE LICHACK, B.S., Housing Application Developer

Student Academic Services

  • ALLYSON STRAKER-BANKS, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President for Student Academic Services
  • TARA MORLANDO ZURLO, M.A., Director of Academic Success and Retention Programs
  • RASHIDA BATTE-BOWDEN, M.A., Academic Advisor

Student Center

  • MARGAREE COLEMAN-CARTER, M.A., Associate Dean for Student Life
  • FATIMA deCARVALHO, M.S., Assistant Dean for Student Life
  • MARSHA CAMPBELL-YOUNG, B.S., Associate Director for Student Center Programming
  • SONJA TILLMAN, B.A., Program Assistant for Student Center Desk Operations

University Health Center

  • DONNA BARRY, APN, FN-CSA, Director
  • SUSAN GRAZIANO, APN, Assistant Director

University Police

  • PAUL CELL, B.S., Chief
  • BOYD LYONS, Captain
  • KEIRAN BARRETT, M.A., Lieutenant
  • PAUL GIARDINO, Lieutenant
  • BARBARA GIULIANO, Lieutenant
  • HARRY McKENZIE, Lieutenant
  • DERRICK BYRD, Sergeant
  • LEE CASTRO, B.S., Sergeant
  • TIMOTHY FOX, B.S., Sergeant
  • JANINE JAKUBAS, B.S., Sergeant
  • JAMES LOCILENTO, B.S. Sergeant
  • CARLOS O. ORTIZ, Sergeant
  • RANDY PADULA, Sergeant