Academic Affairs

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Office of the Provost

  • WILLARD P. GINGERICH, Ph.D., Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • FREDRICK BONATO, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
  • JOANNE COTE-BONANNO, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Assessment
  • VACANT, Director, Research Academy for University Learning
  • MARY COLON, M.A., Executive Administrative Specialist for Academic Affairs
  • IRINA KOROLEVA, Ph.D., Assessment Coordinator
  • BARBARA A. RITOLA, B.A., Administrative Coordinator
  • NICOLA SULLIVAN, M.B.A., Executive Assistant to the Provost/VPAA
  • PETRA KNOX, M.A., Assistant to the Provost
  • CAROL BALBO, B.S., Program Assistant for Curriculum
  • JESSICA MONTESDEOCA, Professional Services Specialist

College of Education and Human Services

  • TAMARA LUCAS, Ph.D., Acting Dean
  • KIMBERLY O'HALLORAN, Ph.D., Associate Dean
  • TAMMY J. SAMUELS, M.A., Assistant Dean
  • CURTIS HARRIS, M.P.A, Grants Coordinator
  • LINDA FLYNN, M.A., Director of Career Services
  • MEGAN NACY, M.T.D., Director, ADP Center
  • JASON RUBIN, B.S., Budget Manager
  • MARISSA JONES, M.A., Executive Assistant to the Dean
  • MELISSA HARRIS, M.S., Program Administrator
  • APRIL SERFASS, M.S., Post-Award Facilitator
  • PAMELA SCULLY, M.B.A., Director, CEHS Technology Services & Facilities Operations
  • JASON FRANCIS, B.A., Technology Support Specialist
  • JUSTIN TOWE, B.S., MySQL/PHP Programmer

Academically Gifted and Talented Youth Programs

  • REBECCAH NEWMAN, M.A., Associate Director

Center of Pedagogy

  • JENNIFER ROBINSON, Ed.D., Executive Director
  • CAROLINE MURRAY, M.A., Assistant Director
  • JOANNE MATKOWSKI, B.S., Assistant Director, Grants & Special Projects
  • CHARITY MACK DACEY, M.S., Director, Teacher Education Admissions and Retention
  • ADRIAN REAGEN, M.A., Program Advisor, Teacher Education Admissions and Retention
  • CONNIE DONVITO, Ed.D., Interim Director, MSUNER
  • SUSAN TAYLOR, M.A., Director, Newark-Montclair Urban Teacher Residency
  • LESLIE WILSON, Ph.D., Coordinator, Agenda for Education in a Democracy
  • BARICE WILLIAMSON, M.S.W., Director, Teacher Education Advocacy Center
  • JAN JOHNSON, B.S., Program Assistant
  • VACANT, Program Advisor, Teacher Education Advocacy Center
  • SCOTTA VAN DROSS, B.A., Program Specialist
  • JENNIFER AMABILE, M.A., Program Specialist
  • GINA MARTINO, M.S., Program Specialist
  • CARLA PARRY ENGSTROM, M.Ed., Program Specialist
  • CHRISTINE RENNIE, M.S., Induction Coordinator, Newark-Montclair Urban Teacher Residency

Ben Samuels Children's Center

  • TARA EVENSON, M.Ed., Director
  • MICHAEL LUFT, M.Ed., Associate Director

Center for Research and Evaluation on Education and Human Services (CREEHS)

  • EDEN NAGLER KYSE, Ph.D., Director
  • REBECCA SWANN-JACKSON, M.Ed., Senior Research Associate
  • ERIN BUNGER, M.P.H., Senior Research Associate
  • JESSICA MARINI, Ph.D., Research Associate
  • LINA ACOSTA, M.P.H., Research Associate
  • TINA SEABOCH, M.A., Program Coordinator

Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health

  • GERARD COSTA, Ph.D., Directo
  • EDEN NAGLER KYSE, Ph.D., Director
  • REBECCA SWANN-JACKSON, M.Ed., Senior Research Associate
  • ERIN BUNGER, M.P.H., Senior Research Associate
  • JESSICA MARINI, Ph.D., Research Associate
  • LINA ACOSTA, M.P.H., Research Associate
  • TINA SEABOCH, M.A., Program Coordinator

Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children

  • MAUGHN GREGORY, Ph.D., Director

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • LUIS MONTESINOS, Ph.D., Acting Dean
  • EMILY ISAACS, Ph.D., Acting Associate Dean
  • ALAN COTTRELL, Ph.D., Associate Dean
  • VACANT, Assistant Dean

Technology Services

  • MILOS TOPIC, M.B.A., M.S., Director

Center for Archaeological Studies

  • TIMOTHY RENNER, Ph.D., Director

Center for Child Advocacy

  • JASON DICKINSON, Ph.D., Director
  • MICHELE CASCARDI, Ph.D., M.A., State University of New York at Stony Brook
  • BRADLEY FORENZA, Ph.D., M.S.W., Rutgers University; B.S., Ithaca College
  • SVETLANA SHPIEGEL, Ph.D., Rutgers University; M.S.W., B.A. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Israel)

Communications Sciences and Disorders

MSU Center for Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology

  • EILEEN FASANELLA, Clinical Coordinator for Speech-Language Pathology
  • ROSEMARY DeSTEPHAN, M.S., CCC-SLP, Senior Clinical Supervisor
  • DIANE POLLEDRI, M.A., CCC-SLP, Clinical Supervisor
  • LISA PERHACS, Au.D., CCC-A, Clinical Externship Coordinator, Audiology
  • MARIS APPELBAUM, Au.D., CCC-A,  Clinical Preceptor & Co-Director of the MSU Center for Audiology
  • FAITH MOGILA, Sc.D., CCC-A, Clinical Preceptor & Co-Director of the MSU Center for Audiology 

Emerging and Instructional Technology

  • ALAN J. KELTON, M.A., Director

Institute for the Humanities

  • VICTORIA LARSON, Ph.D., Director

Joseph and Elda Coccia Institute for the Italian Experience in America

  • MARY ANN RE, Ph.D., Director

Language Learning Technology

  • MICHAEL HELLER, M.A., Director

Language Placement Testing

  • JESSICA BRANDT, M.A., Coordinator

Non-Credit ESL Program

  • TINA BOLLETTIERI, M.A., Director

College of Science and Mathematics

  • ROBERT S. PREZANT, Ph.D., Dean
  • JINAN JABER-LINSALATA, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs
  • LYNN F. SCHNEEMEYER, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • ANN P. FRECHETTE, B.A., Director of External Relations
  • GENNAE HINSON, M.A., Director, Career Services
  • CATHERINE A. HOLL-CROSS, M.A., Director, Red Hawk Learning Center
  • LAYING WU, Ph.D., Director, Electron Microscopy Specialist/Lab

Bristol-Myers Squibb Center for Science Teaching and Learning

  • JACALYN G. WILLIS, Ph.D., Director

Computer Operations for Research and Education

  • JOSEPH YOUN, M.S., Coordinator

Health Careers Program

  • DONNA LORENZO, M.S., Director
  • R. MARIE WASHINGTON, M.A., Academic Advisor/Counselor
  • SERENA SMITH, M.A., Recruiter/Administrative Assistant

Institute for Sustainability Studies

  • VACANT, Director

New Jersey School of Conservation

  • WILLIAM H. THOMAS, Ph.D., Director
  • RANDALL FITZGERALD, Ph.D., Associate Director

Passaic River Institute

  • MEIYIN WU, Ph.D., Director

Professional Resources in Science and Mathematics

  • JACALYN G. WILLIS, Ph.D., Director

Sokol Institute for Pharmaceutical Life Sciences

  • JOHN J. SIEKIERKA, Ph.D., Director

Upward Bound

  • NELSON RODRIGUEZ, Associate Director

College of the Arts

  • RONALD L. SHARPS, Ph.D., Associate Dean
  • LINDA DAVIDSON, M.F.A., Assistant Dean, Student Services
  • MARIE SPARKS, B.A., Director of Administration
  • ZACRAH BATTLE, M.A., College Administrator
  • GENE LOTITO, M.A, Director of Facilities
  • SARAH ASSALONE, B.A., Student Services Coordinator
  • ALYSON THELIN DAVISON, M.A., Executive Assistant to the Dean

Art and Design

  • LOUISE DAVIES, B.A., M.F.A., Program Assistant

Art Gallery

  • ERICA SOMERWITZ, B.A., M.A., Education Coordinator

Arts and Cultural Programming

  • JEDEDIAH WHEELER, B.A., Executive Director
  • JILL DOMBROWSKI, B.A., Executive Producer
  • AMY ESTES, M.F.A., Media/Marketing Specialist
  • J. RYAN GRAVES, B.A., Production & Facilities Manager
  • ROBERT HERMIDA, B.A., Director, Audience Services
  • CHRIS HOLLAND, M.F.A., Lighting Supervisor
  • ERIK TRESTER, B.S., M.A., M.F.A., Audio Visual Engineer
  • CARRIE URBANIC, B.A., Community Engagement Director
  • JESSICA WASILEWSKI, B.A., Associate Producer

Broadcast and Digital Media Facilities

  • NICK TZANIS, B.A., Director
  • PATRICIA PIROH, M.A., Associate Director
  • MICHAEL BARNHART, B.A., Senior Engineer
  • BRIAN CARTER, B.B.A., Technology Coordinator
  • GLENN DAVIDSON, B.A., Television Engineer
  • ADAM GOLDBERG, B.A., Senior Engineer
  • JEFFERY JONES, A.A., Television Engineer

CART Facilities & Events Services

  • GENE LOTITO, M.A., Director
  • MICHAEL AQUINO, B.F.A., Events Coordinator

Center for Cooperative Media

  • DEBRA GALANT, M.A., Associate Director, NJ News Commons 
  • JOSEPH AMDITIS, B.A., Coordinator 

Creative Research Center

  • NEIL BALDWIN, Ph.D., Director

John J. Cali School of Music

  • ROBERT CART, D.M.A., Director
  • ANTHONY MAZZOCCHI, M.M., Associate Director
  • GINA BALESTRACCI, M.A., School Administrator
  • MARTHA LEARNER, M.S., Concert Manager

Office of Education & Community Outreach

  • MARIE SPARKS, B.A., Director

Preparatory Center for the Arts

  • MARLA MEISSNER, Ph.D., Director

School of Communication and Media

  • MERRILL BROWN, B.A., Director
  • CHRISTINE LEMESIANOU, M.A., Associate Director
  • RICHARD HINCHLIFFE, M.A., General Manager, Radio
  • STEVE McCARTHY, B.A., News Producer
  • LARRY WEINER, M.A., Public Relations Coordinator
  • JANET WILSON, M.A., Department Administrator

Student Services

  • LINDA DAVIDSON, M.F.A., Assistant Dean
  • ELAINE RUSSO, M.A., Director, Career Services
  • SARAH ASSALONE, B.A., Program Coordinator

Theatre and Dance Series

  • MICHAEL ALLEN, M.F.A., Director
  • JUDITH EVANS, M.F.A., Costume Shop Supervisor
  • BENJAMIN W. MERRICK, M.F.A., Scene Shop Supervisor

Extended Learning and Special Academic Programs

  • PAULA BROADWICK, B.A., Administrative Assistant
  • VALERIE MACHADO, Program Assistant

Global Education Center

  • MARINA CUNNINGHAM, Ph.D., Executive Director
  • WENDY GILBERT-SIMON, M.A., Assistant Director for Special Programs
  • VICTORIA A. DONOGHUE, J.D., Director, International Services
  • DOMENICA DOMINGUEZ, M.P.A., Director of Study Abroad and International Programs
  • ADITI PATEL, M.A., Assistant Director, International Services
  • BETH CALAMIA SCHECKEL, M.A., International Student and Scholar Advisor
  • NYIETA CHARLOT, M.S., Study Abroad Coordinator

Graduate School

  • JOAN C. FICKE, Ed.D., Dean of The Graduate School
  • BRIAN CAROLAN, Ph.D., Interim Associate Dean
  • AMY AIELLO, M.A., Executive Director
  • BRYAN MOSCHEL, M.A., Associate Director
  • JENNIFER O'SULLIVAN, M.S.Ed., Assistant Director of Admissions
  • Student Services Coordinator
  • LYNN DAVIS, M.A., Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruitment
  • DEBORAH REYNOSO, M.A., Academic Services Coordinator
  • MICHAEL STUHLMILLER, B.S., Technology Coordinator
  • JESSICA BINNS, M.A. - Recruitment Coordinator
  • MATTHEW DiBARTOLOMEO, M.A. - Recruitment Coordinator
  • DHVANI MERCHANT, M.A. - Graduate Web Communications and Outreach Coordinator
  • NICOLE FLEMING, B.A. - Enrollment Coordinator
  • STACY PINTO, M.A. - Graduate Student Services Coordinator
  • CANDACE DORWART, M.A., Administrative Assistant
  • CHRISSY SANDELLA, B.A., Market Research Analyst

Honors Program

  • GREGORY L.WATERS, Ph.D., Director

Library Services

  • JUDITH LIN HUNT, D.L.S., M.A., M.L.S., Dean
  • MARY MALLERY, Ph.D., M.F.A., M.L.S., Associate Dean/Technical Services
  • SANDRA DEPROSPO, B.S., Financial Services Assistant
  • PAMELA KIRBY, Administrative Assistant, Library Administration
  • RANDAL CAIN, B.A., Program Assistant, Technical Support Services
  • MEI LING JOYCE CHOW, M.L.S., M.A., Cataloger, Cataloging Department
  • NICOLE COOKE, Ph.D., M.Ed., M.L.S., Reference Librarian, Reference and Research Services Department
  • EDUARDO GIL, M.L.S., M.A., Head, Periodicals Department
  • SUXIAO HU, M.L.S., M.A., Head, Collection Development Department
  • KATHLEEN HUGHES, M.A.L.S., M.L.S., Head, Cataloging Department
  • LAURA LEVY, M.L.S., Reference Librarian, Reference and Research Services Department
  • CHUNG-HEI LONE, M.L.S., M.A., Head, Multimedia Resources Department
  • PAUL MARTINEZ, M.L.I.S., Cataloger, Cataloging Department
  • CAROL L. NURSE, M.L.S., M.S., Librarian, Reference and Research Services Department
  • DENISE O'SHEA, M.L.S., Head, Access Services and Systems Administrator
  • LORI PETROZZELLO, M.S.W., Program Assistant, Access Services Department
  • KEVIN PRENDERGAST, M.L.S., Reference Librarian and Interlibrary Services Coordinator, Reference and Research Services Department
  • STEVEN D. SHAPIRO, M.L.S., M.A., Electronic Resources Librarian
  • THOMAS TRONE, M.L.I.S., M.A., Reference Librarian, Reference and Research Services Department
  • WILLIAM VINCENTI, M.L.S., Reference Librarian, Reference and Research Services Department


  • DENISE M. De BLASIO, M.A., Registrar
  • DIANNE L. RIVETTI, M.A., Associate Registrar
  • ADELE BASILE, M.A., Assistant Registrar
  • ABIE FLIPPEN-SMITH, M.A., Assistant Registrar
  • LORENZO DWAYNE HARRIS, M.A., Assistant Registrar
  • KAREN MINGO-CAMPBELL, B.B.A., Registrar's Administrative Assistant
  • MICHELE ANN NICOSIA, M.B.A., Professional Services Specialist
  • CARDRIENNE McDONALD SARIN, B.A., Assistant Registrar
  • JEFFREY S. SCHONFELD, B.S., Assistant Registrar
  • M. DEBORAH SOLOMINE, B.A., Assistant Registrar
  • JENNIFER SPIEGEL, M.A., Assistant Registrar
  • ERIKA WYNZEL, M.A., Assistant Registrar

Research Academy for University Learning

  • VACANT, Director, Research and Programs; Acting Director, RAUL
  • JULIE R. DALLEY, B.A., Assistant Director, Editor, Teaching Times in Higher Education
  • LIVA LAZZARO, B.A., Program Coordinator

Research and Sponsored Programs

  • FREDERIC RUSSO, M.P.A., Director
  • MARINA ALOYETS, M.A., Assistant Director
  • CATHERINE BRUNO, M.B.A., Post-Award Officer
  • GEETHA SAMPATHKUMAR, M.B.A, Sponsored Programs Administrator
  • DANA NATALE, M.A., Research Development Specialist
  • SAMUAL WOLVERTON, B.A., Sponsored Programs Coordinator

School of Business

  • FRANK AQUILINO, M.B.A., Acting Associate Dean
  • ELIZABETH ROSINI, M.B.A., Assistant Dean
  • ROGER SALOMON, M.B.A., SBUS Director of Instructional Services and Technology
  • DAVID SANTOS, B.S., Instructional Services and Technology Assistant
  • JOHNATHAN BAMBER, B.S., Web/Database Developer
  • PHIL MATTIA, M.S., Director of Marketing and Communications
  • DIANE FREEDMAN, M.A., Director of Career Services
  • ERIC MOSKOVITZ, M.S., Director of Undergraduate Programs
  • MAUREEN BRANCA, M.A., Director of Academic Advising
  • MARY DEFILIPPIS, B.A., Academic Advisor

M.B.A. Program

  • NICOLE KOPPEL, Ph.D., Director
  • JONIDA DERVISHI, M.B.A., Coordinator
  • NATALIE WILLIAMS, M.B.A. Program Assistant

Center for International Business and International Trade Counseling Center


Service Learning and Community Engagement

  • BRYAN D. MURDOCK, M.A., Director of Service Learning and Community Engagement
  • KRYSTAL L. WOOLSTON, M.A., Assistant Director of Service Learning and Community Engagement