Finance and Treasurer

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  • DONALD D. CIPULLO, B.B.A., C.P.A., Vice President
  • SHERI WALTERS, B.S., Executive Assistant

Conference Services

  • MATT CASSE, B.A., Director
  • KAITLYN KURDYLA, B.S., Associate Director

Construction Accounting

  • DANIEL J. ROCHE, M.Arch., Director, Capital Project Accounting


  • CATHERINE A. CORYAT, M.B.A., C.P.A., University Controller

Accounting and Financial Services

  • ANGELO M. PARENTE, M.B.A., Assistant University Controller
  • GEORGE T. HARTMAN, B.S., Director of Financial Reporting
  • CHERI L. JEFFERSON, M.A., Associate Director
  • MANMOHAN WADHAWAN, B.S., C.A., Assistant Director
  • Dianne Teixeira, B.S., Accounting Manager


  • DINORA GONZALEZ, B.S., Assistant Bursar

Finance Administration

  • NANCY G. CARVER, B.A., Director

Financial Systems Administration

  • CATHERINE RUSH, M.P.A., M.S., Director
  • KLAVDIYA HAMMOND, B.A., System Application Administrator

Procurement Services

  • CHRISTINE G. PALMA, M.P.A., Associate Director
  • JOHN J. GOSCINSKI, B.A., Senior Procurement Administrator
  • HALYNA HOTSKO, M.S., Contract Administrator
  • PATRICIA A. STOLARZ, B.A., Procurement Administrator
  • HILARY TABACKI, B.S., Procurement Administrator
  • CECILIA D. HETZER, B.F.A., Procurement Assistant
  • YESHIVA MASSENBURG, A.A.S., Procurement Assistant