Information Technology

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VP IT Administration

  • CANDACE C. FLEMING, B.S.E., M.B.A, Vice President for Information Technology
    • LEE ANN FISHER, B.S., Administrative Assistant
  • DEBRA ANN COULL, B.A., Business Manager

Enterprise Software Systems

  • CAROLYN M. ORTEGA, M.S., Associate Vice President for Enterprise Software Services and Deputy CIO
  • JOHN POWELL, B.A., Programmer
  • LUZSENEIDA FLORES, B.S., Web Services Development and Support Specialist
  • LENORE I. HATTEN, B.S., Programmer
  • ASISH K. CHAKRABORTI, M.S., Data Warehouse Development Specialist
  • ARATHI NATARAJAN, M.S., Database Administrator
  • DANIEL HU, M.S., Oracle Database Administrator
  • MARY R. LARUSSO, Data Processing Services Specialist
  • MARY MCQUEEN, Data Processing Services Specialist

Enterprise Technology Services

  • JEFFREY R. GIACOBBE, M.A., Assistant Vice President for Enterprise Technology Services
  • BRIAN T. BECKETT, B.S., Director of Systems and Security
  • MINTO S. GILL, B.S., Director of Networking and Telecommunications
  • EDWARD BUSCAVAGE, Associate Director of Computer Services
  • JAMES P. BYRNE, B.S., Associate Director for Enterprise Storage/IT Business Continuity
  • SAMUEL E. LASALA, M.S., Systems Developer, Directory Manager
  • KAROLINA MANEVA-JAKIMOSKA, M.S., Systems Developer
  • DHAVAL PATEL, M.S., Web Applications Developer
  • EVELYN MARTIS, Systems Engineer
  • ADAM COPELAND, B.S., Systems Engineer
  • CHARLES FRASER, B.A., Systems Engineer
  • JAMES J. SCHWAR, B.S., Client/Server Security Administrator
  • BRIAN D. KELLY, Network Engineer
  • MEETA V. PATEL, B.S., Network Engineer
  • ARTHUR K. JANC, M.S., Resnet/Lan Support Specialist
  • MICHAEL S. REEKIE, B.S., LAN/ISP Support Specialist
  • JANICE LEE HARTSHORN, B.A., Telephone Operator

Institutional Research

  • STEVEN L. JOHNSON, Ph.D., Director of Institutional Research
    • DENISE PHILLIPS-CLARK, Program Assistant
  • HONG GAO, Ph.D., Associate Director of Institutional Research
  • FENGHUA PENG, M.S., Research Analyst
  • ALEXA FERNANDEZ, M.A., Research Assistant

Technology Support Services

  • SUMMER R. JONES, B.S., Interim Director of Technology Support Services
    • ROBIN WALKER, B.A., Program Assistant
  • JOHN J. O'BRIEN, M.A., Assistant Director of Academic Technology
  • VIKTOR TURCHYN, B.S., Computer Lab Coordinator
  • LINDA M. DART, B.A., Night Supervisor
  • MARNIN J. GOLDBERG, A.A.S., Desk Side Support Technician
  • STANLEY N. HENRY, M.S., Classroom Technology and Multi-Media Support Specialist
  • THOMAS GREEN, B.S., Multi-Media and Video Conferencing Specialist
  • CORLISS S. SPRUNG, M.A., Desktop Support Specialist
  • STEVEN DAVAGE, Desktop Support Specialist
  • KEHINDA HOPKINS, B.S., Desktop Support Specialist
  • AMANDA MACK, B.A., Desktop Support Specialist
  • FRANCISCO SALGADO, Classroom Technology and Multi-Media Support Specialist
  • RACHEL ANN HERMAN, B.A., Helpdesk Support Services

Technology Training and Integration

  • YANLING SUN, Ph.D., Director of Technology Training and Integration
    • SUSAN M. GRAHAM, Program Assistant
  • SHUNFA LI, M.Ed., Instructional Designer
  • JEAHYEON AHN, Ph.D., Instructional Designer
  • CAROLYN DEMEFACK, M.A., Instructional Designer