World Languages and Cultures Requirement

This requirement consists of two parts, World Languages and World Cultures.

For the World Languages portion of this requirement, students wishing to continue a language with which they have some experience, either academic or personal, must take a placement test. If they place at the second semester level, they must take 6 s.h. (2 sequential courses) to fill the requirement. If they place at the third semester level or higher, they must take only 3 s.h. (one course) at the level at which they place, or a course in English about a foreign culture or civilization. Students wishing to begin a new language, with which they have no experience, must take 6 s.h. of that language.

Note: The first semester level course (101) of a language is meant for true beginners who have no experience with the language. Students with experience, either academic or personal, will be placed at the second semester level or higher. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the appropriate department chair.

Free Elective Policy for World Languages

Students who wish to take the language courses listed below as free electives must follow the placement policies stipulated under the Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Requirements (see online catalog links to World Languages and Cultures Requirement and to Language Placement Testing) and must meet the eligibility requirements indicated in the course descriptions. Students who have personal or academic experience with any of these languages must take the placement exam ( Students may not take these language courses out of sequence, nor may they take more than one of them in the same language simultaneously. This policy affects the following courses:

AMSL 101-202
ARAB 101, 112, 121, 132
CHIN 101-202
FREN 101-132
GERM 101, 112, 121, 132
HEBR 101-132
ITAL 101-104
JAPN 101-202
PORT 101-104
RUSS 101-132
SPAN 101-104, 135
SWAH 101-202