Information Technology Major (B.S.) - Undergraduate - 2011 University Catalog

You are viewing the 2011 University Catalog. Please see the newest version of the University Catalog for the most current version of this program's requirements.

This concentration focuses on working with designing, implementing and maintaining information systems.

A minimum of 120 semester hours of coursework is required for the baccalaureate degree with a minimum 2.0 overall GPA, and a minimum 2.0 major GPA. However, more than 120 semester hours may be required depending upon the major field of study. In addition to the major requirement outlined below, all university students must fulfill the set of General Education requirements applicable to their degree (for further information, see General Education Requirements).


Complete 55 semester hours including the following 4 requirement(s):


    Complete the following 2 requirement(s):

    1. Complete the following 8 courses:

      CMPT 183 Foundations of Computer Science I 3
      CMPT 184 Foundations of Computer Science II 3
      CMPT 250 Web Tools 2-3
      CMPT 320 Intranet and Internet Security 3
      CMPT 330 Network Technology 3
      CSIT 110 Computer Concepts for Information Technology 3
      CSIT 420 Computer Hardware and OS Administration 3
      CSIT 430 Databases for Internet Applications 3
    2. Complete the following 1 course: A maximum of 3 hours will be counted in the major.

      CMPT 499 Cooperative Education in Computer Science 3-8

    Complete 3 courses from the following:

    CMPT 371 Software Engineering I: Analysis and Design 4
    CMPT 472 Computer Graphics 3
    CSIT 410 Multimedia Computing 3
    CSIT 440 Principles of Data Mining 3
    CSIT 450 Text Management 3
    CSIT 470 Advanced Web Development 3

    Complete the following 3 courses:

    INFO 290 Management Information Systems 3
    INFO 321 Information and Media Management 3
    INFO 470 Electronic Commerce: Creating Business Value Using Information Technology 3

    Complete the following 3 courses:

    CMPT 285 Discrete Mathematical Structures 3
    MATH 116 Calculus A 4
    STAT 401 Applied Statistics for the Sciences 3

Course Descriptions:

CMPT183: Foundations of Computer Science I

Basic theory of digital computers. Syntax and semantics of a programming language. Algorithms: logic, design, testing and documentation. (2 hours lecture, 2 hours lab.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: MATH 100, MATH 112, MATH 114, MATH 116, MATH 122 or MATH 221.

CMPT184: Foundations of Computer Science II

Continuation of CMPT 183. Algorithm development involving user functions; subroutines, recursions, structures file manipulation. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: CMPT 183.

CMPT250: Web Tools

This course discusses and investigates the current web tools and technologies that are used in web site design. Focus will be on the markup languages of XHTML and XML; Dynamic HTML; Client side programming language JavaScript; Server side programming, Servlets, JavaServer pages and ASP. () 2 - 3 sh.

Prerequisites: CMPT 184.

CMPT285: Discrete Mathematical Structures

The structures include sets, graphs, digraphs, trees, networks, lattices, matrices, semigroups and groups. Many practical business and scientific problems can be posed and solved by the use of these structures. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: MATH 112.

CMPT320: Intranet and Internet Security

An overview of the fundamental problems of computer security, followed by an in-depth analysis of the current solutions including encryption, public key schemes, testing and analyzing current network security and internet architecture based on security considerations. Meets the University Writing Requirement for majors in Information Technology. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: CMPT 184 and CMPT 285.

CMPT330: Network Technology

An introduction to the technologies behind networks and Internet applications. Topics include the logical and physical organization of computer networks, network programming, and the integration of computer applications into a network environment. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: CMPT 184 and CMPT 285.

CMPT371: Software Engineering I: Analysis and Design

Utilization of software engineering principles and techniques for the specification, analysis, and design of high-quality complex software systems including both technical and non-technical aspects. (4 hours lecture.) 4 sh.

Prerequisites: CMPT 287.

CMPT472: Computer Graphics

An introduction to computer graphics, including the algorithms to generate two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphical pictures. An overview of interactive graphics and graphics devices. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: CMPT 287 and MATH 335.

CMPT499: Cooperative Education in Computer Science

The study of theoretical ideas of computer science combined with their practical applications in a real life environment. The co-op experience is a semester working off-campus under the guidance of a company supervisor, and a faculty supervisor. Only 3 of the 8 credits may be used to fulfill the major requirement. () 3 - 8 sh.

Prerequisites: CMPT 320 or CMPT 371 and departmental approval.

CSIT110: Computer Concepts for Information Technology

An introduction to the concepts of information technology. Principles of computing, Internet and office application software, hardware and networking components, the role of IT in an organization, legal and ethical issues of computing. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

CSIT410: Multimedia Computing

An introduction to computer multimedia, including video, audio, and graphics creation and manipulation. Understanding of the variety of video, audio and image formats; using media tools. The course also covers streaming and implementing multimedia on the world Wide Web. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: CMPT 250.

CSIT420: Computer Hardware and OS Administration

Overview of modern computer hardware. Overview of modern operating systems. Installation, configuration, and administration of an OS using a hands-on approach. Administration includes device driver support, package installation and maintenance, user account management. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: CMPT 330.

CSIT430: Databases for Internet Applications

Introduction to fundamentals of databases with emphasis on Web-based applications. Database-related technologies for Internet applications. Practical projects for creating a database-driven application on the Web. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: CMPT 250.

CSIT440: Principles of Data Mining

Introduction to Data Mining concepts, algorithms, and applications. Understanding the process of discovering new information in existing, large data collections. Exploration of large data sets and hands-on introduction to the discovery of interesting patterns. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: CMPT 184.

CSIT450: Text Management

Introduction to managing data in text form. Includes creating, manipulating and data mining documents and data warehouses, evaluating data quality and investigating new techniques in managing World Wide Web data. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: CSIT 430.

CSIT470: Advanced Web Development

An introduction to enterprise with web services. Techniques for Application to Application (A2A) communication, Business to Business (B2B) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: CMPT 250.

INFO290: Management Information Systems

This course is an inquiry into business information systems and information technology management in digital firms. Analysis of information from the management point of view with respect to information needs in organizations, strategic roles of information systems, information technology infrastructure, information systems supporting organizations and management, and business value of information systems will be covered. This course is skill building in the definition and analysis of systems problems and the provision of solutions to them. The computer as a tool for supporting business functions, management, decision-making and policy-setting is emphasized. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: INFO 173 or passing SBUS Computer Proficiency Exam or CSIT 110.

INFO321: Information and Media Management

Includes study of the criteria and methods by which records are created, stored, retrieved, retained and disposed, as well as attention to study of the managerial considerations necessary for effective selection and utlization of equipment, procedures, and personnel. This course counts as an elective within the business major for all concentrations in Business Administration. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: Business Administration majors only; and INFO 290.

INFO470: Electronic Commerce: Creating Business Value Using Information Technology

This course is designed to provide the student an understanding of the consequences of the introduction of the Internet and the World Wide Web in the way business is conducted. The electronic commerce world is viewed primarily from the point-of-view of MIS. That is, the managerial issues related to the information infrastructure requirements are mainly attended to. Both individuals and organizations have been profoundly affected by related network technologies that have since permutated in form ever since the convergence of advanced communications and information infrastructure and the cable, telephone, television, and telecommunications industries. The student will learn about new forms of business practices in business-to-business, consumer-to-business, and intraorganizational transactions. Specifically, activities in the areas of electronic shopping, publishing, distribution, and collaboration will be explored. The following issues that have arisen as a result of electronic commerce (EC) will be explored: security, authentication, privacy, data encryption, intellectual property rights, freedom of expression using electronic media, fair use policies, legal liabilities, etc. Students will also learn about new organizational forms such as the "virtual" firm that are emerging as a result of EC. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: INFO 290. Major within School of Business, Information Technology.

MATH116: Calculus A

Differentiation and integration of functions, including trigonometric functions. Applications to biology and geoscience. (4 hours lecture.) 4 sh.

Prerequisites: MATH 111 or MATH 112 or placement through the Montclair State University Placement Test (MSUPT) or a satisfactory score on department's Calculus Readiness Test. (Students who did not satisfy the course prerequisite at MSU and students who received a grade of D-, D, or D+ in the prerequisite course taken at MSU are required to demonstrate competency on the department's Calculus Rediness Test.)

STAT401: Applied Statistics for the Sciences

Organizing, displaying, and describing data; designing experiments; methods for drawing conclusions from data; significance testing, confidence intervals, linear regression, analysis of variance, chi-square tests of independence. Examples from disciplines in the natural and physical sciences. Statistical software is used. Not for Mathematics and Computer Science majors. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: MATH 111 or Math 112.