Object Oriented Computing Certficate - Graduate - 2011 University Catalog

You are viewing the 2011 University Catalog. Please see the newest version of the University Catalog for the most current version of this program's requirements.

In OOC, the student learns the integration of C++, JAVA, and UML (Unified Modeling Language) with Rational Rose for object oriented approach to tasks. Through experiences in several different computing environments such as Sun Solaris and Windows, the student gains cutting-edge skills making the student more valuable as a computer science professional.  OOC includes 3 graduate courses:


All candidates must meet the basic admissions requirements for graduate study at Montclair State.  The completion of a major from an accredited college or university is preferred.  Candidates with degrees in closely related areas will be considered, although prematriculation coursework may be required.


Credentials are processed as soon as they are received.  This program does not have a specific deadline, however The Graduate Admissions & Support Services recommends that students submit their credentials as far in advance as possible for the semester they plan to begin their studies to ensure a timely review of their application.


Complete to earn 11 semester hours with a minimum GPA of 2.50.

CMPT 505 Fundamentals of Computer Science I 4
CMPT 507 Fundamentals of Computer Science III 4
CMPT 585 Topics in Computer Science 3

Course Descriptions:

CMPT505: Fundamentals of Computer Science I

An introduction to programming using a structured high level language, design of algorithms, character strings, recursion, data structures, numerical computing. May not be used for credit by Mathematics or Computer Science majors. (4 hours lecture.) 4 sh.

Prerequisites: Graduate coordinator's permission.

CMPT507: Fundamentals of Computer Science III

A continuation of CMPT 505. Design and analysis of data structures, pointers, linked representations, linear lists, trees, storage systems and structures, database design. (4 hours lecture.) 4 sh.

Prerequisites: CMPT 505 and MATH 501 and permission of graduate coordinator.

CMPT585: Topics in Computer Science

Recent developments in the field. Topics such as Monte Carlo methods, graphics, expert systems, security, networks and special areas of applications. May be repeated twice for a maximum of 9.0 credits as long as the topic is different. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: CMPT 580 and permission of graduate coordinator.