Journalism Minor - Undergraduate - 2011 University Catalog

You are viewing the 2011 University Catalog. Please see the newest version of the University Catalog for the most current version of this program's requirements.


Complete 18 semester hours, including the following 2 requirement(s):

  1. Complete the following 3 courses:

    ENWR 210 News Reporting 3
    ENWR 216 History of Journalism in America 3
    ENWR 313 Editing 3
  2. Complete 9 semester hours from the following:

    ENWR 211 Advanced News Reporting: Field Experience 4
    ENWR 300 Meet the Press 3
    ENWR 314 Advanced Editing 3
    ENWR 315 Magazine Journalism 3
    ENWR 316 Reporting of Public Affairs 3
    ENWR 317 Feature Writing 3
    ENWR 416 Interpretive Journalism 3

Course Descriptions:

ENWR210: News Reporting

Writing news articles according to contemporary practices. Interviewing techniques are explored as well as a respect for facts, impartiality, and fairness. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: ENWR 105 or HONP 100.

ENWR211: Advanced News Reporting: Field Experience

Combines classroom instruction with extensive off-campus (often evening) field work. Students will have their own reporter "beats" covering various municipalities near Montclair State University on a weekly basis. "Beats" will include town council, city boards and agencies, police, courts, etc. Breaking news stories written to tight deadlines, as well as major analytical pieces. Intense discussion of actual reporting problems encountered in the field: making contacts, using unnamed sources, dealing with officials, canvassing neighborhoods, etc. Emphasis on students' initiative working on their own, and relentless follow-through. (2 hours lecture, l hour other.) 4 sh.

Prerequisites: ENWR 210.

ENWR216: History of Journalism in America

Evolution of the American press is examined through research and discussion of significant periods, individuals and issues from 1600 to the present. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

ENWR300: Meet the Press

Study of issues and problems in modern journalism through lectures and by writings of working journalists. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: ENWR 210.

ENWR313: Editing

Copy editing, proofreading and basic editorial skills. Articles are analyzed for accuracy, libel, precise diction and tightening. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: ENWR 210.

ENWR314: Advanced Editing

Techniques learned in editing are reinforced. Layout, headlines and production are explored. Rewriting and fitting articles are worked on extensively. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: ENWR 313.

ENWR315: Magazine Journalism

Researching, writing and placing feature stories in mass circulation magazines. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: ENWR 210 or permission of the instructor.

ENWR316: Reporting of Public Affairs

News articles on the activities of government at the local level, including writing reports on the proceedings of civil and criminal court and city/county executive councils. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: ENWR 210.

ENWR317: Feature Writing

All aspects of writing personality profiles and of writing critical reviews, columns and/or sports features. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: ENWR 210.

ENWR416: Interpretive Journalism

Studying and writing columns, editorials and news articles. Students will compare different styles of interpretive reporting and develop their own skills in this area. (3 hours lecture.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: ENWR 210, ENWR 314.