Business Minor - Undergraduate - 2015 University Catalog

Course Descriptions:

ACCT204: Fundamentals of Accounting (3 hours lecture)

This course provides a foundation for non-accounting business majors. Topics covered include both financial and managerial accounting from a user perspective. Students will be exposed to the four financial statements and ethical issues in accounting along with other accounting reporting issues in the financial accounting phase of the course. Managerial accounting focuses on generating accounting data for internal business decision-making in today's increasingly competitive and complex business world. Students need to become familiar with the use of accounting data for both investment and credit decisions as well as strategic decision making for firms' operation. Major topics covered include financial statement analysis, budgeting, accounting-based decision making, and performance evaluation. 3 sh.

Prerequisites: ENWR 105 or HONP 100; Not open to BS Accounting Majors.

ECON202: Economics and Finance for Business Minors (3 hours lecture)

This comprehensive course maintains a reasonable balance between the disciplines of economics and finance. It includes micro and macroeconomics as well as selected topics in finance. Economics underlines how market and non-market institutions can best allocate relatively scarce resources to promote individual and social welfare. Among other topics, students learn how one can measure in a precise way the responsiveness of the quantities bought and sold to changes in prices and other influences on buyers and sellers. They also explore how market economies operate by first working through the perfectly competitive model then turning to noncompetitive market structures. The finance portion of the course provides students with a basic professional background in both corporate finance and investment. They are exposed to the fundamentals of discounted cash flows valuations after they have been introduced to the time value of money in the most general sense. They also learn how to value major sources of financing for corporations such as bonds and stocks. This leads them to consider the most important techniques used by a firm to analyze possible investments to decide which ones are worth undertaking. 3 sh.

Prerequisites: MATH 106, MATH 109, MATH 114, MATH 116, MATH 122 or MATH 221. For Business minors only.

INBS250: Introduction to International Business (3 hours lecture)

The course is designed to introduce undergraduate students to the dynamics of the global economy, international trade and investment and their linkages with the U.S. economy. Students will learn the fundamentals and interrelationships among the components of international business operations. An emphasis will be on the role of multinational institutions and the cultural, economic, legal, and political environments facing businesses. 3 sh.

Prerequisites: ECON 101 or ECON 102 or ECON 202.

INFO301: Business Decision Making (3 hours lecture)

The underlying theme of the course is business problem solving. This course engages students in employing tools from operations management and management information systems in the solution of business problems. Analysis of quantitative decision-making and information systems from the management point of view will be covered. 3 sh.

Prerequisites: INFO 173 or CMPT 109; and MATH 106 or 109 or 114 or 116 or 122 or 221; or departmental approval. For Business minors only.

MGMT231: Management Processes (3 hours lecture)

To provide undergraduate students a review of classical and modern approaches to the managerial process as it relates to the manager's functions of planning, organizing, communication, motivation, leading, controlling, and managing change. Emphasizing new forces in the managerial environment such as workplace diversity and economic globalization, these reviews will be tied to the open-system model and the contingency approach as overall frameworks for understanding organizations and management. 3 sh.

Prerequisites: ENWR 105 or HONP 100.

MKTG240: Introduction to Marketing (3 hours lecture)

This introductory course is designed to expose the student to the basic areas that comprise marketing as a discipline. Marketing is viewed as a process that must be integrated with all other business functions. The basic theories, concepts, language and tools of marketing are introduced, and illustrations of their applicability to the business as well as non-profit sectors of the national economy with increasing stress on the global realities which affect the marketing function are addressed. 3 sh.

Prerequisites: ENWR 105 or HONP 100.