Educational Assessment Certificate Program - Graduate - 2015 University Catalog

Course Descriptions:

EDFD519: Assessment for Authentic Learning (3 hours lecture)

This course examines the best practices in educating English language learners. Students gain a greater understanding of the linguistic difficulties and resources of English language learners as well as the importance of a multicultural curriculum. Students learn how to make content comprehensible and differentiate instruction based on the language levels of individual English language learners. Students develop an understanding of the academic and affective needs of English language learners, and of strategies for meeting these needs. May be repeated once for a maximum of 2.0 credits. Cross listed with SASE 519. 3 sh.

Prerequisites: SASE 505 or EDFD 505; and SASE 518. Students must be enrolled in a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), Instructional Teaching Certificate (CRI), Educational Services Certificate (CRE) or Master of Education (MED).

EDFD524: Analysis and Interpretation of Assessment Data for Educational Decision Making (3 hours lecture)

This course provides an introductory overview of the technical issues related to the use of individual and aggregated student-level assessment data in order to inform educational decision-making. Students develop enhanced data literacy and analytical skills to facilitate data-based decision making in the identification of problems and development of solutions and action plans. Students examine and employ general concepts and techniques of data analysis, generation, and presentation, with specific applications to educational issues including program assessment and evaluation, resource planning and allocation, and strategic planning. 3 sh.

EDFD533: Ethics, Politics, and History of Educational Assessment (3 hours lecture)

This course examines the historical, political, and ethical foundations of educational assessment. The course situates current issues in educational assessment within the larger historical and social discourse. Students consider the varied ethical dilemmas and implications for current and future educational assessment initiatives. Students develop a professional vocabulary for discussing the role of educational assessment and a critical perspective for understanding educational assessment in practice. 3 sh.

EDFD578: Testing and Evaluation (3 hours lecture)

Principles and practices of educational and psychological testing and evaluation relevant to professionals in human services, communication sciences and disorders, education, and related fields. Historical/philosophical orientation; place of testing in instructional and remedial programs; statistical concepts underlying measurement; validity, reliability, response set; construction of tests and measurement instruments; evaluation and interpretation of testing data; use and misuse of testing data; reporting data to students, parents and colleagues; critical analyses of selected standardized intelligence, ability and personality tests; experimental tests and measurement instruments. Course project geared to individual student needs. Previous course ELRS 578 effective through Spring 2013. 3 sh.