Forensic Accounting Certificate Program - Graduate - 2015 University Catalog

The Certificate in Forensic Accounting prepares students and practicing accountants with the proficiencies needed in this specialized field: Students and professionals completing this program will:

Understand fraud prevention, detection and response and financial statement misrepresentation. Be able to understand economic and commercial damages calculations, critically examine the valuation of companies within a litigation environment. Demonstrate an understanding of technical issues such as bankruptcy, dispute resolution and matrimonial accounting.

The academic program for this certificate consists of four, three-credit graduate-level courses (two new courses proposed concurrently) that are to be delivered in either a face to face or hybrid format that makes extensive use of the University’s instructional design services.   The four courses that constitute this proposed program can be taken in any order and will be offered once each academic year, thereby permitting students to complete the certificate within 12 months.


Complete 4 courses for 12 semester hours:

ACCT 526 Fraud Examination (3 hours lecture) 3
ACCT 527 Forensic Accounting (3 hours lecture) 3
ACCT 528 Business Valuation (3 hours lecture) 3
BSLW 506 Legal Issues in Forensic Accounting (3 hours lecture) 3

Course Descriptions:

ACCT526: Fraud Examination (3 hours lecture)

The course will cover the principles to be followed and techniques to be adopted to detect and prevent fraud especially in corporate context. Students will gain knowledge and ability to decipher the presence of fraud. Students will learn how to analyze and implement various types of fraud prevention and detection procedures. The course will provide a broad understanding of several major related topics such as skimming, larceny, billing schemes, check tampering, payroll schemes, corruptions and fraudulent financial statements, interviewing witnesses and occupational fraud and abuse. 3 sh.

Prerequisites: Undergraduate degree in Accounting.

ACCT527: Forensic Accounting (3 hours lecture)

The roles, responsibilities, and requirements of a fornesic accountant in the litigation environment. Emphasis on how to review, detect, and investigate possible financial statement concerns of public and private companies. Topics covered include: elements of financial statement fraud; management's and auditor's responsibilities, financial statement red flags, earnings management, and investigative strategies. Actual litigation and fraud cases will be discussed to highlight the evolving roles of forensic accountants. 3 sh.

Prerequisites: Undergraduate degree in Accounting.

ACCT528: Business Valuation (3 hours lecture)

This course provides an in-depth discussion and analysis of the financial statements of companies in order to determine the fair market value of a firm. The fair market value of the companies studied will be estimated by students as they learn to de-code information contained in financial statements. The course focuses on the ability to critically evaluate the key drivers affecting a company's value utilizing accounting information. In addition, the business valuation techniques introduced provide the opportunity for empirical testing of the valuation procedures using accounting data. 3 sh.

Prerequisites: Undergraduate degree with concentration in Accounting; MBA or MS in Accounting degree students only.

BSLW506: Legal Issues in Forensic Accounting (3 hours lecture)

This course provides an introduction to the legal environment surrounding the Forensic Accounting profession. Law enforcement and civil authorities use Forensic Accountants to assess the extent of an alleged fraud that has taken place and to bring those responsible to justice. Forensic Accounts are frequently called upon to provide expert testimony on fraud and accounting-related matters. This course primarily focuses upon how the Forensic Accountant is used as an expert witness and the various business crimes that a practitioner of Forensic Accounting may be hired to investigate. The course is designed for Forensic Accounting students and students who are interested in working in the financial services industry. 3 sh.

Prerequisites: Undergraduate degree in Accounting.