Entrepreneurship Certificate Program - Graduate - 2015 University Catalog

Course Descriptions:

ENTR571: Advanced Entrepreneurial Mindset and Innovation (3 hours lecture)

Students in this hands-on, interactive course explore the ways entrepreneurs think and innovate. Through a series of team-based exercises, students engage in creative problem-solving and develop and test solutions using an "opportunity discovery canvas" approach. Students lead teams and receive guidance and feedback from instructors, mentors, and guest speakers. 3 sh.

ENTR572: Advanced Startup Business Model (3 hours lecture)

Leaders of teams test their entrepreneurial ideas using a creative "lean canvas" approach to constructing a business model. Students oversee a team's cyclical process of trial, feedback, and retrial. Students modify or revise their models, and create prototypes or mockups of their proposed products or services. Students formally present their team's idea to a panel of instructors, mentors, and entrepreneurs. 3 sh.

Prerequisites: ENTR 571.

ENTR573: Advanced Strategies to Pitch and Launch Your Startup (3 hour lecture)

In this experiential course, students lead teams and work with instructors and mentors to further refine and validate business models and product/service offerings. Students lead a team and prepare formal "pitches" for potential investors and partners. Students explore in greater depth the financial feasibility of their models, develop a sales and marketing "roadmap," and consider the range of funding options. Guest speakers include venture capitalists and investors, and successful. 3 sh.

Prerequisites: ENTR 571.