School Business Administrator, Administrative Services Certification - Graduate - 2009 University Catalog

You are viewing the 2009 University Catalog. Please see the newest version of the University Catalog for the most current version of this program's requirements.

A School Business Administrator performs duties at the school district level in the areas of budget preparation and administration, risk management, purchasing, transportation, food services, school plant operations and facility planning.  S/he typically supervises, manages and coordinates the business affairs of the school district efficiently and effectively to help to achieve the educational goals of the district with the available financial resources.


To be considered for admission to the School Business Administrator Certification program, applicants must hold master's degree or higher degree from an accredited college or university or be in possession of a Certified Public Accountant license.  Applicants must complete the Graduate  Application and submit the Statement of Objectives, application fee, bachelor’s degree transcript, and either a master’s degree transcript or copy of CPA license.

Course Descriptions:

ELAD521: Education Law

Legal-theory, practical politics, relationship of school district organization to other units of government, appellate function of the state Commissioner of Education and the state Board of Education, New Jersey school laws (Title 18A of the revised statutes) and rules and regulation of the state Board of Education and their decisions. New Jersey school legal structure compared with that of other states. 3 sh.

ELAD622: School Finance

Current economic environment; state, local and federal taxation; state school aid theory and practice; school district indebtedness; statutory school budget and fiscal controls; various cost-quality instruments and role of school fiscal structure in relation to local, state and federal governments. 3 sh.

Prerequisites: ELAD 510 and 521.

ELAD624: School Plant Maintenance and Operation

Latest techniques in the maintenance and operation of the school plant. Various specialists in specific areas of study utilized in the instructional program. Determination of work loads, formulation of job descriptions, supply storage, care of mechanical and hand tools and equipment and care of the school site. (Not offered every year.) 3 sh.

Prerequisites: ELAD 510.

ELAD629: Accounting, Auditing, and Reporting for School Systems

The course will provide students with the knowledge and skills required to initiate and maintain a school district's accounting, auditing, and reporting program. Emphasis is placed on the terminology and processes required to insure local school district financial accountability. New Jersey operational requirements will be stressed. 3 sh.

Prerequisites: ELAD 526.

ELAD643: Staff Personnel Administration and Supervision

Personnel practices and problems in current school situations. Roles of policy-making bodies, the public, professionals, paraprofessionals and general staff in recruitment, selection, retention and evaluation of staff. 3 sh.

Prerequisites: ELAD 521 and 540.

ELAD644: Collective Bargaining, Impasse and Grievance Resolution

Analysis of New Jersey public relations law (Chapter 123, New Jersey public laws of 1974). Simulations and case studies to illustrate negotiations, grievance, and impasse procedures. 3 sh.