Justice Studies - 2014 University Catalog

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Chairperson: Norma C. Connolly

The Department of Justice Studies at Montclair State University offers academic programs which focus on the policies, procedures and institutions our society has in place and should develop to achieve this goal. The programs offered approach the study of issues of justice from a multidisciplinary vantage point. They emphasize the relationship among the law, the justice systems and society to provide students with:

   â€¢    A comprehensive grounding in the social, cultural, and political issues relevant to an understanding of the U.S. justice;
    â€¢    The ability to apply theoretical perspectives to issues of justice;
    â€¢    An empirical approach to questions about justice;
    â€¢    An appreciation of ethical issues relating to justice;
    â€¢    Competencies in knowledge, methods, and applications needed for careers and professional development in these areas, and;
    â€¢    Field work experience in occupational settings such as criminal justice agencies, private industry, law firms and child welfare agencies.

The 39 or 40 credit major is different from a criminal justice major available at many other academic institutions in New Jersey. The core liberal arts curriculum and field specific concentrations offer a wider multidisciplinary course of study to meet professional challenges in the justice and legal systems.

JUSTICE SYSTEMS CONCENTRATION   This concentrated area of study focuses on the relationships among law, the justice system and society with special attention to theories of crime, law enforcement, comparative justice systems and the administration of justice. It prepares students to work in criminal justice, security, agencies administering justice, social services and related settings.

PARALEGAL STUDIES CONCENTRATION emphasizes both theory and practice in areas of law such as civil litigation, immigration, criminal law, family law, real estate, corporate law, and dispute resolution. It prepares students to work as paralegals in law firms, corporations, and government agencies. Montclair State has the only undergraduate paralegal program among New Jersey four-year institutions to be approved by the American Bar Association. Paralegals are not lawyers and must work under the supervision of an attorney. Paralegals are not permitted to practice law.

In addition the Department of Justice Studies offers two undergraduate minors (Criminal Justice and Paralegal Studies Minor), two interdisciplinary minors (Environmental Justice and Justice and Families) and a post baccalaureate certificate. Please refer to the Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Majors and Minors for information about the interdisciplinary minors. Please refer to the Graduate Catalog for information about the post-baccalaureate certificate program.

Programs of Study