Sociology - 2014 University Catalog

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Chairperson: Jay Livingston

Sociology looks at aspects of societies that transcend the individual - social phenomena such as culture and social structure. It also explores the relationships among the individuals and groups that make up the social world. Areas of concern include: the causes and effects of the distribution of wealth and power in a society; the impact of social categories such as gender, race, and age; the nature of social institutions such as religion, the family, and education; the ways that individuals organize and influence their everyday lives. Sociology enables the student to understand broader social and historical forces and their relation to the lives of individuals.

The Sociology major provides a background for those who seek careers in social research, law enforcement, human resources, social work, teaching, journalism, and other fields.

The minor in Criminal Justice, listed under Interdisciplinary Majors and Minors, focuses on various types of crime and social institutions that aim to control crime.

The Sociology Department offers a Bachelor of Arts degree.

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