Spanish/Italian - 2014 University Catalog

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Chairperson: Linda Levine, Ph.D

The major programs in Spanish and Italian are designed to help students achieve linguistic fluency, an appreciation of literature and a comprehensive knowledge of cultural history. The Spanish curriculum embraces both Spain and Spanish America, and the Department also offers courses in Portuguese.

Majors in both Spanish and Italian may elect a program in teacher certification which includes a semester of supervised practice teaching.

A special option in Spanish is a four-course concentration in translating and interpreting which provides a practical background for students preparing for careers in business, law, social service and other areas.

The Department also offers minor sequences in Spanish and Italian. Majors intending to pursue graduate studies are advised to acquire proficiency in at least one additional language. Minors such as Latin American and Latino Studies and Paralegal Studies provide further opportunities for specialized training. Additionally, Cooperative Education internships, providing both college credits and remuneration for supervised work experience, can be arranged for students of Spanish and Italian.

Study Abroad
It is highly recommended that majors spend a year, a semester or a summer studying in a Spanish or Italian speaking country. This study should preferably be planned for the junior year.

After successful completion of the program, credits will be granted by evaluation.

Programs of Study