Secondary and Special Education - 2015 University Catalog

Chairperson – TBA


The Secondary and Special Education Department is committed to preparing educational professionals who can improve the lives of students through excellent teaching. Graduates teach in content areas such as History, English, Science, Math, and foreign languages in secondary schools as well as specialty areas (Art, Music, Physical Education) in P-12 settings. In addition, we prepare special educators to teach across the lifespan, as well as prepare teachers to lead efforts to impact the quality of teaching and learning in schools. 

The department is home to faculty members who teach courses and conduct research in special education, teacher leadership, and curriculum development. Our teacher education students build their academic skills and knowledge base for the benefit of their future students as well as themselves. 

The department grants two Master of Arts in Teaching degrees and two Master of Education in Special Education degrees.

In the NCATE-accredited MA in Teaching—Content Area (MAT – Content Area) and in the MA in Teaching—Dual Certification programs (MAT Content Area – TSD), students are prepared to teach with diverse populations in different content areas.  In addition, the department offers a post-baccalaureate option for initial certification meeting the requirements of the New Jersey Department of Education.

In Special Education, the department grants two Master of Education degrees:

1.        A Master of Education in Special Education (MEd SPED) for certified teachers to gain an additional certification.  A post-baccalaureate option for additional certification for Teachers of Students with Disabilities (TSD) meeting the requirements of the NJDOE is also available.  

2.       A Master of Education in Learning Disabilities (MEd LD) for certified teachers to develop the knowledge and competencies required to become an expert in the assessment and instruction of children with learning disabilities.  A post- master’s program for an advanced certification in Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant (LDTC) is also available. 

Programs of Study