Justice Studies - 2015 University Catalog

Chairperson: Jessica S. Henry

The Department of Justice Studies offers a rigorous, interdisciplinary exploration of the intersections of justice, law, crime, policy and social change.  Drawing on the expertise of its diverse faculty, the Justice Studies curriculum examines justice in its many forms.  Students focus their studies within one of three main concentrations: justice systems, international justice or paralegal studies. As a capstone experience, every Justice Studies major is placed in an internships related to justice and their field of the study.  In addition, the Department of Justice Studies offers four minors: Environmental Justice, Justice and Families, Criminal Justice and Paralegal Studies. 

Justice Systems Concentration – This concentrated area of study focuses on the relationship between law, the justice system, and society, with an emphasis on theories of crime, law enforcement, punishment, and the administration of justice. It prepares students to work in criminal justice, law enforcement, judicial and governmental agencies, social services and related settings.

International Justice Concentration - This concentrated area of study examines international justice, and the law that transcends national borders. The program is the only four-year undergraduate degree program of its kind in the State of New Jersey.  The concentration covers transnational and global justice topics including human rights, terrorism, cybercrime, transnational crime, immigration, genocide, war, and human trafficking. It prepares students for careers in law enforcement, international or transnational law, human rights advocacy, government, and homeland defense and security.

Paralegal Studies Concentration – This concentrated area of study emphasizes both theory and practice in paralegal studies in areas such as civil, criminal, real estate, probate, family and corporate law.  It prepares students to work as paralegals in law firms, corporations and government agencies. It also prepares students who are interested in pursuing law school after graduation.  This program is accredited by the American Bar Association and provides graduates with a Certificate of Completion.

Programs of Study