Accounting, Law, and Taxation - 2015 University Catalog

Chairperson: Dr. James DiGabriele

Accounting. It’s the language of business spoken by today’s business leaders – whether they’re analysts, investors, or managers. Our programs are designed to prepare you to manage and interpret internal and external accounting reports, as well as effectively communicate financial information about firm performance. Our well-respected, knowledgeable faculty members are active in their profession and are dedicated to your academic and career success. A network of engaged, active alumni is there to offer career advice and support when you need it. And our strong ties with the business and accounting communities provide remarkable professional development and networking opportunities.

Simply put, a degree in Accounting adds up to an array of exceptional career opportunities.

New Accounting Retention Policy (Undergraduate)

The following standards are effective for all incoming accounting students during the fall 2014 semester. Once a student majors in accounting, the 2.75 Cumulative GPA must be maintained.

This threshold is twofold:

  1. Overall
  2. Accounting major
If a student falls below a 2.75 Cumulative GPA in a semester, they will go on probation for the next semester. If their Cumulative GPA does not come back to a 2.75, they will no longer be able to stay in the accounting major.

Programs of Study