Economics, Finance and Real Estate - 2015 University Catalog

Chairperson: Dr. Zaman Zamanian

Economics is the study of how market and non-market institutions can best allocate relatively scarce resources to promote individual and social welfare. Through the years economists have developed well-defined tools for analyzing a wide array of theoretical and policy-oriented issues. Finance builds on the foundations of economics to provide students with a professional background in two areas; corporate financial management and investments in securities. The curriculum in economics and finance is designed to contribute to a broad-based liberal arts education by expanding a student's perception of the economic and financial decisions that individuals and societies must make under widely varying conditions. Strong emphasis is given to the development analytical reasoning, quantitative fluency, written and oral communications, and creative excellence.

The Department currently offers three concentration programs for undergraduates enrolled in The School of Business, and two programs for undergraduate Non-Business majors.

The Degree Programs and Concentrations for Students enrolled in the School of Business are:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Finance Concentration (BAFN)
  2. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Real Estate Concentration (BARE)

We also offer two separate programs for Non-Business majors, not enrolled in The School of Business:

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Economics (ECON)
  2. Minor in Economics (ECON)

The eligibility requirements for these programs are listed in this catalog under "Business Administration." Please refer to the index for the page number. In addition to preparing students for careers in business, government and the professions, the programs provide excellent preparation for graduate work in Economics, Finance, and in related disciplines. The departmental faculty are active in teaching, research, and community service, and also support the concentration in Finance in Montclair State's M.B.A. program. The students in the undergraduate programs in Economics and Finance benefit from the insights of these highly experienced professionals.

Programs of Study