General MBA - 2015 University Catalog

Our MBA programs give busy professionals the convenience and flexibility of evening and weekend classes, letting you earn your degree in as few as 21 or 24 months. If you are looking to build a solid foundation for future career growth and advancement, check out our fast-track programs today.

The goal of the MBA Program is to combine conceptual approaches to business with practical application in order to give students needed skills to prepare them for today's global economy. Montclair State graduates are well-rounded, self-motivated and employed in many of the best companies in the region. Equipped with an education built upon standards of excellence, alumni enjoy tremendous opportunities for a rich and rewarding career.

The curriculum stresses the conceptual foundations of business disciplines and current managerial practices. This blend of theory and practice builds a strong foundation for immediate practical application as well as post-graduate professional growth.

The Montclair MBA provides individuals the opportunity to design unique programs to meet their specific needs and interests. Students may choose to concentrate in one of seven areas or they may select from an array of courses that provide a broad education. Full-time faculty with doctoral degrees teach 95 percent of MBA classes. The remaining classes are taught by persons with outstanding professional credentials.

The School of Business Administration invites applications from persons with baccalaureate or post-baccalaureate degrees. Because we actively seek a diverse student body, all previous academic majors are considered for admission. Both full-and part-time students are welcome. Courses are offered in the late afternoon, evenings and Saturdays.


Candidates must submit an application for graduate admission which includes:

  • One official copy of the academic transcript from each college and/or university attended.
  • Scores from the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or GRE exam.
  • A statement of professional objectives.
  • One letter of recommendation from an individual qualified to evaluate the applicant's promise of academic achievement and potential for professional growth.

Although prior work experience is not an admission requirement, it is strongly recommended for all MBA applicants. APPLICATIONS MAY BE SUBMITTED AT ANY TIME OF THE YEAR.

For waiver information, please click here.

Through prior academic experience, challenge examinations and/or graduate level transfer credits, the 49.5 semester hour MBA requirement may be reduced by a maximum of 12 semester hours. The remaining 37.5 semester hours must be completed at Montclair State University and must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • All advanced courses must be taken and completed at Montclair State University.

Programs of Study

There are no undergraduate or graduate programs currently being offered by this department.