College of Education and Human Services - 2015 University Catalog

Acting Dean: Tamara Lucas, Ph.D.
Associate Dean: Kimberly O'Halloran, Ph.D.
Acting Associate Dean: Suzanne McCotter Ph.D.
Assistant Dean: Tammy Samuels, M.A.

Whether you are interested in teaching, nutrition, food management, athletic training, counseling, public health, family and child studies, exercise science, educational leadership, literacy education or teacher development, you will find a strong academic program to meet your needs in the College of Education and Human Services. Most are available at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Throughout its more than one hundred years, the College has continued to be nationally recognized for our work with our students. Many of our programs are fully accredited by their professional organizations, our faculty members have been noted as among the best in their fields, and our graduates report high levels of satisfaction with their professional preparation.  In particular, Montclair State University was one of only two institutions in NJ to be nationally ranked for its graduate education programs by U.S. News and World Report; and our faculty members have been declared among the nation's top contributors to public debates about education by Education Week.

Further, our faculty members in public health and nutrition, exercise science and athletic training, and family and child studies are conducting inspiring research that supports the health and welfare of children and families throughout our broader communities.  These examples offer a brief testament to the exceptional quality of our educational programming and the faculty and staff members who work with us.

All of our programs recognize the ethical dimensions of education and human services professions, and prepare individuals committed to building a healthier, better educated and more just society.  Our doctoral programs include the Ph.D. in Counselor Education, the Ph.D. in Teacher Education and Teacher Development, and the Ph.D. in Family Studies.

The College of Education and Human Services resides in a magnificent building, University Hall, which is the showplace of our campus. It is thrilling to have a facility that mirrors the excellence of our faculty, staff, programs, and students. Prominent in the building is the ADP Center for Learning Technologies, a state of the art facility that includes classrooms of the future, an instructional technology design laboratory, the Curriculum Resource Center, and a collaborative teaching laboratory.

Departments and Programs