College of Education and Human Services - 2008/2009 Undergraduate Catalog

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Dean: Ada Beth Cutler, Ed.D.
Associate Dean: Tamara Lucas, Ph.D.
Associate Dean: Kimberly O'Halloran, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean: Leslie E. Jenkins, M.A.

The College of Education and Human Services prepares students for professional careers in private industry, government agencies, non-profit  organizations, and public and private schools. All programs in the College are firmly grounded in the liberal arts, and include an opportunity for field based internships. Graduate degree programs are offered by all departments. In its instructional programs, the College prides itself on highly qualified faculty members who maintain close contact with their disciplines and professions, who contribute regularly to scholarship, and who are excellent teachers dedicated to giving personal attention to all students. The application of appropriate instructional technology permeates all programs.

The  University's Center of Pedagogy, in which the College of Education and Human Services plays a major role, is responsible for the coordination of the award-winning Teacher Education Program. The University's Program is informed by its long standing participation in the Agenda for Education in a Democracy and the National Network for Educational Renewal, founded by John Goodlad. The MSU Network for Educational Renewal at Montclair State University is a highly developed school-university partnership that includes more than twenty school districts which are the primary sites for field experiences. The Center of Pedagogy operates on the premise that it has an obligation to be a partner in the ongoing renewal of the professions for which it prepares students.

Through all its work, the College maintains a commitment to bettering the lives of those living in the region, to teaching for critical thinking, to the promotion of democratic citizenship, and to social justice. The College maintains an Office of the Agenda for Education in a Democracy to promote these ends. As part of this commitment, programs to maintain and extend diversity among students and faculty are a high priority.

Departments and Programs