College of the Arts - 2008/2009 Undergraduate Catalog

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Dean: Geoffrey W. Newman, Ph.D.
Associate Dean: Ronald L. Sharps, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean: Linda Davidson, M.F.A.

The College of the Arts (CART) offers more than fifty majors, minors and concentrations in art and design, broadcasting, communication studies, dance, music and theatre. Twice designated as a Center of Excellence  our College maintains a commitment to quality programs, providing professional training and education for students seeking careers as practitioners, educators, public servants and managers of the arts.

Students in the College study and create with some of the finest artist-teachers in the New York metropolitan area. Our faculty includes working composers, designers, fine artists, actors, musicians, directors, choreographers, arts managers, art historians, conductors, broadcasters and communication specialists, including Fulbright, Guggenheim and Howard award winners. What's more, because we are only minutes from Manhattan, internationally recognized guest artists know the College well and come year after year to direct master classes, perform in staged productions, conduct student ensembles and teach what it takes to succeed in the arts.

For both our campus and community, CART provides arts events and community services, offering cultural enrichment of all kinds. The division of Arts and Cultural Programming produces programs that include the presentation of national and international artists plus contemporary works that challenge the boundaries of convention. Events can be found in as many as six professionally equipped performance spaces on campus, including the new state-of-the-art Alexander Kasser Theater–a venue like no other in the region, offering exceptional acoustics and an over-sized proscenium stage in an intimate and comfortable setting.
University art galleries provides intellectual and aesthetic stimulus to students and community alike through exciting exhibitions and growing collections of art from the region, nation, and world. Our largest exhibitions are presented in the recently opened George Segal Gallery, but other exhibits are available in Gallery One, the MFA Gallery, and the student-run Gallery 31/2. Other artworks are installed throughout the campus grounds to create a visually satisfying academic environment.

DuMont Television Center boasts two studios currently being upgraded to full digital capacity. Serving campus needs and industry clientele, the Center provides opportunities for MSU students to gain professional experience and contacts. Student produced episodes of Inside MSU and Carpe Diem especially keep the campus and New Jersey citizens informed.

The Office of Student Services, the Office of Education and Community Outreach, and the Music Preparatory Center each extend arts training and exposure opportunities to pre-college students while often allowing MSU students to gain further practical experience in support and leadership roles.

Departments and Programs