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Raymond Loughren

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The CACREP accredited M.A. in Counseling Program was an exceptional experience because Montclair State University provided me ample opportunities and resources to make my graduate degree a successful journey. The School Counseling concentration afforded me the professional skills and the direct supervision from faculty that unequivocally set me on a path towards an effective and meaningful career. The School Counseling Program prepared me to work with diverse populations by including a multicultural component in addition to Montclair State’s comprehensive social justice foundation. This was elevated by a diverse group of faculty members who encouraged critical thinking, ethical and cultural considerations, and personal reflection throughout the program. I was able to use these skills during my clinical internship which Montclair State helped me find and secure hours for.

In addition to my time in the School Counseling Program, I worked at the College of Education and Human Services’ Dean’s Office where I learned critical skills, which would prove invaluable during my internship, and made meaningful relationships with both faculty and staff. During this time, I was asked to be part of the Counseling Program Advisory Board where I offered my student insight to the Counseling Program Coordinators and Department Chair. These experiences were unique and allowed me to further my goals and ambitions during my time at Montclair State.

My time at the University was a balance of meeting new friends and mentors while receiving an education that would ultimately pay off with a career as a high school counselor. The names of those friends and mentors will not soon be forgotten since they impacted my career and life goals in infinite ways. Looking back, I would not change a single thing about my time on Montclair’s campus.

— Raymond Loughren