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Dr. Jaime Grinberg Gives International Presentation in Tel-Aviv on The Roots of Activist Pedagogies

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Photo of Dr. Jaime Grinberg with international academics.
Mr. E. Schiffman, Cultural Affairs, Embassy of The United States of America, Israel; Prof. Dr. Z. Gross, Unesco Chair and Professor, Bar-Ilan University, Israel; Dr. L. Weintrob, Wagner College, USA; Mr. T. Davidson, Counselor for Public Affairs, U.S. Embassy, Israel; Dr. R. Quezada, Univ. of San Diego, USA; and Dr. Jaime Grinberg, Montclair State University, Montclair, USA

Dr. Jaime Grinberg, Department Chair of Educational Foundations, was recently invited to present at the Activist Pedagogy for Shared Life and World Betterment International Seminar which took place in Tel-Aviv, Israel, between March 19 and March 22, 2019. The title of his presentation was “The Roots of Activist Pedagogies.”

Organized by Queen’s University in Belfast, Ireland; Kibbutzim College, Bar-Ilan University, and The Center for Educational Technology in Israel, the event was sponsored by the US Embassy in Israel and by the Embassy of Finland. Other participating institutions included Utrecht University, Wahat al-Salam Center, Bethlehem Bible College, Tel-Aviv University, University of San Diego, University of Helsinki, and Montclair State University. The focus of the seminar was to discuss the research and practice of Shared life, an educational activist model developed in Belfast to bridge between Catholic and Protestant Schools in this society with conflictual history. Similarly, research and practice were shared about the adaptation of this model in the case of Palestinians and Israelis, which started to grow to include 80 public schools.

A working seminar of 15 scholars followed and will result in the publication of three volumes about this work in different contexts. One volume will be published in English, another in Arabic, and a third in Hebrew.

Dr. Grinberg’s research covers topics such as progressivism, teacher preparation, leadership, philosophy, history, the politics of education, and bilingual education. He teaches classes in the history and philosophy of education, globalization, and socio-cultural studies. Additionally, he is regularly a Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Humanities at Kibbutzim College in Israel.