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Dr. Amanda Baden Participates in study on when kids should be told they’re adopted

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Dr. Amanda Baden, Professor in the Counseling Department, teamed up with Ebony White from Drexel University to investigate the correlation between later life stress and when individuals were told they were adopted. They found that late discovery adoptees tend to suffer from greater emotional distress than those who are told very early in life, and these findings were published in the Journal of Family Issues. Additionally, those who were told later in life were reported as having a lower overall life satisfaction.

Dr. Baden currently leads the Adoption Research Team, which consists of Dr. Baden with advanced masters and doctoral students in Counselor Education. Additionally, she is on numerous committees within the College of Education and Human Services, and is an avid proponent of multicultural competence and specializes in adoption-related research in counseling and psychology. She specializes in transracial adoption, counseling, and therapy with the adoption triad, multicultural counseling competency, identity, and racial-ethnic issues in adoption.