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Undoing Ableism Book by Drs. Baglieri and Lalvani

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Photo of the Undoing Ableism book cover

Undoing Ableism: Teaching About Disability in K-12 Classrooms was written by Dr. Susan Baglieri and Dr. Priya Lalvani, and recently published by Routledge. Both Dr. Baglieri and Dr. Lalavni are Associate Professors in the Teaching and Learning department.

Undoing Ableism is a sourcebook for teaching about disability and anti-ableism in K-12 classrooms. Conceptually grounded in disability studies, critical pedagogy, and social justice education, this book provides both a rationale as well as strategies for broad-based inquiries that allow students to examine social and cultural foundations of oppression, learn to disrupt ableism, and position themselves as agents of social change. Using an interactive style, the book provides tools teachers can use to facilitate authentic dialogues with students about constructed meanings of disability, the nature of belongingness, and the creation of inclusive communities.

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