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Brooke Zwier ’19

Dual Degree Dual Certification Program, B.S in Earth and Environmental Science and M.A.T with TSD certification, Graduation Date: May 2019

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Photo of alumna Brooke Zwier

Graduation Date: May 2019

Why did you choose this field of study? Why did you choose the program at Montclair State University?

Growing up I was always a curious child who was particularly interested in science. I always knew that I would want to work in the science field based on my interests and desire to constantly learn more about natural phenomena around me. In addition to this, I was fortunate to have gained a science education from wonderful teachers who further inspired me to be curious and live as a life long learner. When it was time for me to choose my field of study, I knew that I would seek a program that encompassed two of my passions, science, and education. Upon researching schools in the area, I knew Montclair State University was a great choice because of its well-known master’s in teaching program, and environmental department. I am proud to have been a part of these programs for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees.

What were the best parts of your program?

One of the best parts of my program was any instance the department provided that allowed my peers and I to experience teaching in the classroom or working with students. For instance, in my foundations of education course, we were required to work in a school for a specified number of hours. These experiences allowed us to get an idea as to how working in a school may be prior to student teaching. Additionally, working in a cohort allowed me to feel connected with my peers. We became very close due to being in the same classes each semester.

What was your favorite class or experience in the program, and why was that so important to you?

Some of my favorite class experiences of the program included the ones in which we prepared for our career as future educators. As an example, in one of our classes of the M.A.T program, ‘Promoting Positive Prosocial Behaviors’, we began discussing teaching portfolios and wrote a behavior management plan. In another class, we worked on conducting action research and creating a summative paper concluding our findings. Overall, these classes were extremely useful to my professional development. Beyond these instances, my favorite experience of the entire program was the Clinical I and Clinical II semesters. During these semesters, I got to experience teaching first hand as well as critically reflect on my views on education, lesson making, and my active participation in the school community.