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Dr. Gerard Costa’s Work Featured in National Institute for Child Health Quality

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Photo of CAECMH Director, Dr. Gerard Costa

Dr. Gerard Costa, Director of the Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health, was recently featured in the National Institute for Child Health Quality (NICHQ) newsletter. Dr. Costa explained how children’s brains go through incredible growth spurts, and this is defined by early relationships with others. He stated, “Most of what we become as individuals, and most of the unique wiring of our brains are experience-dependent. This wiring begins and is defined by the relationships in those earliest years when the brain is growing at an unparalleled rate.”

The NICHQ article was republished as part of the organization’s “Best of 2019” articles.

To read the original full story, please visit: Childen’s Social and Emotional Development Starts with Co-Regulation