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Dr. Stephanie Silvera Expects a Surge of Coronavirus Cases in the Fall

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Jim Abaze and nurse Nicole Kilgallen embrace in the emergency room entrance at Hackensack University Medical Center, which treated the first N.J. COVID-19 patient, in Hackensack, N.J. Ed Murray | NJ Advance Media

Dr. Stephanie Silvera, Professor in the Public Health Department, commented on a surge of coronavirus cases that will hit in the fall. She stated, “I don’t think it’s necessarily the virus that’s the key to that — it’s human behavior. Realistically speaking, and looking at how infectious diseases work, the seasonality and the different peaks and the fact that we don’t have a level of herd immunity or a vaccine developed, we’re all going to be susceptible. So knowing that, preparation is going to be key. This isn’t something that’s going to take us by surprise again.”

However, there is some fear that people are tired of the virus and the new lifestyle that goes along with it. Dr. Silvera noted, “I’m concerned that people are so fatigued and over it that we’re all relaxing our behaviors, and it’s going to become really dangerous.”