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Colleges Aim to Prevent COVID-19 Spread on Campuses

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Dr. Richard Wolfson, Professor in the Teaching and Learning Department, had two students in has class ordered to quarantine for two weeks as a precaution after their first online class meeting. Dr. Wolfson noted that the students knew their actions caused the quarantine, and would not repeat their carelessness.

So far, New Jersey colleges and universities report lower case numbers than many institutions across the country. “I think the vast majority of students and employees on campus are really taking it seriously,” said Joe Brennan, Vice President for Communications and Marketing. “They’re saying things like, ‘I really hope everyone follows these rules so we can stay back and we don’t have to go completely online.’”

Some things, like restrictions on dorm visitors and the use of dorm common areas, were mandated by the state. But many of the rules and methods for achieving compliance vary by campus. Montclair State is allowing one guest per dorm room, and officials encourage students to report their peers who are violating any of the new rules, from mask-wearing on campus to throwing parties.

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